My issue with PVP

Warlock and shadow priest…
Scary combo.

Actually I’m going to main an UD Rogue, as in vanilla. SP - Rogue still good! I used to play on EU servers, now I moved and I play on US. Got nobody to play with over here, so if you are serious about knocking some alliances heads off, I’ll take your word for it and join you in your mission!
For the horde

It most certainly is not just you. Even among the PVP crowd there are segments. One segment seeks fair PVP. These are the folks who won’t engage in an unequal conflict or who remedy the damage afterward.

Maybe you should try tic tac toe and just go for ties everytime.

in wpvp, i don’t feel bad when i gank someone. When i am on the receiving end, i just move on if i can.

In battlegrounds, i don’t even think about the other person’s feelings. I almost felt bad once ganking a guy that was taking on several mobs and won with 5% health and i killed him.

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I use to think like this and then I been in situations where I did turn the other cheek only to have that same person jump me or gank me. Sometimes they will wait for friends and then do it. Other times it be them attacking one of my friends or guild mates.

In Vanilla, I always kept a memory of names because if you see them once while leveling you’re more than likely to see them again later on in another zone. The ones that I did see and didn’t instigate fights I usually ignored but the ones that are wanting to fight I make sure to bring out the worst in me on them. It’s how I manage to still not be a bully but also act on my own justice towards them.

What is wrong with you?

It’s a game dude. Being attacked by a member of the enemy faction should be expected. It adds difficulty, fun, and a sense of achievement when you win against all odds. These experiences will create memories that last far longer than most others.

You, however, will never experience these successes, and failures, because you’re too busy crying in the fetal position of your little safe space. Because people were “mean to you” IN A GAME.

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If you followed the discussion, they weren’t talking about random wpvp. They were talking about griefing. Camping for hours on end, following to every zone. Or extended time of killing Quest NPCs and stuff like that. Don’t make us pvpers look bad please :slight_smile:

It’s a pvp server that is what they signed up for. PVP.

Chain ganking a random stranger is kinda too far for me tho. Only camp those who deserve it.

This is the weirdest post ever

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Do you always step out of line if someone is behind you at a check-out counter?

Do you always give up right-of-way at a four way stop?

If some one takes your wallet, do you offer them your PIN number too?

Do you never charge full hotel rates at Boardwalk and Park Place?

Do you ever say no?

Do you like being walked on by others?

Do you not know how to assert yourself to get what you need?

World of Warcraft is a game. It can be a very engaging game for sure. But it is a game. There is absolutely nothing that can be done in this game that causes hurt to another. If someone finds themself hurt or otherwise personally wounded by gameplay, honestly, they are very ill equipped for life at large. Maybe therapy is the answer . . . but certainly changes to the game are not called for.

Remember the child’s adage - “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

There are always winners and losers. In everything, everyday. If you find a situation where no one ever takes the prize, where all rewards are based on participation rather than performance you are in a situation where everyone loses.

If this game causes you stress, you shouldn’t play.

This game should feel fun or you are missing the point.

Play. And that is what a game is about. That is what World of Warcraft is about. Play is the very safest way a person can try things out in life and see what fits. It is a completely safe way to put to yourself what are potentially damaging life tests in the world outside.

Why would you fear or avoid any experience in a game?

For the 87th time, WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT WPVP.

If you can’t be bothered to read the thread, you should stay out of the conversation. We covered your “look how tough I am!” points way earlier.

OP…stick to a pve server and never, ever enter a BG.

Those of us that do pvp know it’s “live or die”.

Pretty sure that’s exactly what people have done. Ganking makes a lot of people feel like a loser even when we win. It’s not fun. I literally feel kinda down because I know the other guy is bummed.

I am pretty happy being an empathetic petson, don’t want to change IRL so I can gank/camp/grief in a game and derive pleasure from the suffering of others.

I’ve tried it, feels wrong.

For the people who’s mission in game is to frustrate others to the point of driving them to rage quit… I wonder about your lack of empathy. It’s a non-healthy thing.

If you rage quit in a game, you are the one with the problem. Kind of like road rage - you have lost track of what’s important.

If you can be pushed, IN A GAME, to unhappiness and outrage, YOU have the problem.

Among other things, play, World of Warcraft, is a mirror. You are looking at you. All the other players are just pieces on the board . . . what they do isn’t really your concern. You react to them to find advantage or disadvantage.


This is called blaming the victim.

And if you look at the rules Blizz has put in place regarding player behavior, bans, etc, you’ll see why Blizz does not agree with you.

There is the crux of the issue.

Players are not mobs, they’re people. Some of us recognize that, others want to ignore that fact.

No, you have lost track of the difference between real life experiences and encounters and those that occur in a fantasy role play game.

If they feel the same to you, we will never agree on anything.

You may find you spend your life feeling victimized. I don’t live that way.

I cannot be victimized in a fantasy online role play game. No matter what happens.


if I enter a BG it’s ‘anything goes’.
you have to take the good with the bad.
the only thing - and I mean the ONLY thing that I don’t like about BG - is when someone on my team says, ‘let the other team win’.
because I know i’ll be playing to best of my ability until the game is over.

you need to only play when pvp isn’t going to upset you.
I never get upset or emotional during pvp, because I know that it’s like a volatile marriage - i’m going to have some terrific highs, and i’m going to have games where we get absolutely slaughtered.

I have the advantage of age (i’m 51 now) and I know that never losing my composure means I enjoy the game more and I will make better decisions in it.

if you can’t find that place within you that can suppress emotion/frustration, it’s probably not worth doing it.

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