My Hunter logs in but dies in Silithus after dieing in Hati quest

Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone has experienced my issue. I have had no problems and i am using My Hunter, I have had him since day one of WOW. I have tried everything but this is bazaar.

While running the Hati quest in Storms Peaks things were fine, on the 2nd part of the Quest up in the Tower, i had just finished getting Hati to the point where he stopped fighting and went around and stood in front of the Throne. I used the essence recovery button associated with the quest and there was a bright light and explosion and i was dead followed by being booted out of the game.

When i logged back in it briefly shows me in Silithus then i jump into darkness with my hands raised as if falling and with in a couple seconds max, i am booted from the game again. I get error code wow51900319. I’ve tried flushing dns, no resolution. My 9 other toon including my alt Hunter all have no issues and everything is working fine. But my Main Hunter cannot even get into the game anymore, also all add on’s have been disabled with no difference,

Same exact thing is happening to me