My gear being questioned

I have been kicked from a couple of heroic dungeons with the explanation that I am still geared with greens. As I hope you guys and gals know that the best stat we can have is Shadow Power. The Elemimentalist set that has Shadow Power on it has 5 or 6 pieces which can add 300+ shadow power to you but are Green. In a couple of cases they are Bis. At least in a couple of suggested gearings. Have any of you seen this happen? If so what is your comeback. I was stunned and replied back about the shadow power and the fact they are BiS or second. I also asked if they had played Shadow Priest and both said they had not. I might post on other class forums just to let them know.

What’s a Shadow power?

Also, did you do lower dps than the tank? Probably…

Sorry I miss spoke it is shadow damage. My damage is for the most part 3rd behind mage rogue hunter or warlock. This is while playing Burning Crusade Classic. While Shadow Priests are not as high dps as the other ranged damage I do help out. One spell give group healing as a percentage of my shadow damage also there is a talent shadow weaving that adds 2% to any shadow damage spells used in my group and stacks 5 time which can equal up to 10% to any caster using a shadow power spell like warlocks. I have two CC shackle undead and mid control which while good for specific mobs it does work. I was looking for replies from Shadow Priests. I hope I enlightened you some on my class. I have to admit I am not really well informed on Shamans also, but I think they are similar to Shadow Priests as they are a utility class. Hope this helps you.

Puggers gonna be puggers

thats a DPS life.

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Bracers, Cloak and Wand; and to a lesser extent belt can all be pretty easily green and be good.

If your damage is alright, just pick up purplez/blues as you go along, and item rack them on when you join the group and swap back the set before you start pulling the instance.

When I pug 25 man stuff and they do an “inspection” I put on purples just in case, but I’d imagine they also look at parses. (I use cloak bracer and wand that are green).

You should also have misery which is a 5% spell damage buff raid wide, and VT will return mana to your party. Most locks these days seem to be fire, because they want to be mages.

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Thanks for the reply and the tip. I do have Misery, didnt realize it helped others also. Also I seem to be rezzing mages and locks alot.