My friend won't play WoW because NE's don't have a red hair option

Like the title says. For context, my good friend loves MMOs. He plays a lot of games like BDO, FF14, Guild Wars 2, etc. He is picky as hell when it comes to his class fantasy and character customization and will spend a few hours in character customization until it’s perfect… for him. It’s a make-or-break for him when it comes to MMOs. I, frankly, find it annoying and picky. But respect him because he knows what he wants, likes, and doesn’t like.

The problem: He won’t touch WoW because the only race he is interested in is Night Elves BUT they don’t have a freaking red hair customization. Of all the reasons why he won’t play it, is because of that. Every character of his in every MMO has red hair. But WoW doesn’t have red hair for NE’s lol. AND the only class he is interested in is Paladin class and it isn’t available for NEs (at least not yet). I’ve tried so many explanations and arguments with him to get him to play but he just won’t unless it is for that.

So please Blizzard adds one of these two customizations and you might have another player for life. For the love of Elune plz

Maybe you should get him to play a Blood Elf. It has everything he wants.


This is a player to player support forum. Blizzard devs do not come here looking for feedback or game suggestions.

I would suggest using the feedback/suggestion tool under the in-game help menu. Comments made there are routed to the dev team.

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I want to play Goku, I demand Blizzard adds it now. (Not really.) It’s silly.