My celestial transmog has disappeared

I purchased it earlier today and used it, but now the transmog set is completely gone from my account. Transaction history still shows that I bought it.

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Known issue report in bug forums you still have it just goes missing.

is there a solution, I just noticed it gone

No it comes and goes but theres not realy much us or a GM can do its a bug thats been hard to fix its been a yr since first found.

Thanks, I hope they fix it soon, the xmog is really nice

I wish i could say sooner then later but its more then likely later considering its been around for a year.

Any idea how to ask for the money back, since I can’t use the transmog. I don’t know if that is possible?

Think u can do that from account management and purchase history and click on the item. Blizzard may say no since all digital purchaes are final but they do make excceptions.

Thanks, I’m gonna try that.

Mine JUST disappeared and I’m not happy about it lol. I’m loving this transmog and I want it back T.T

There is also a refund option here, although note that Blizz generally considers transactions to be final so your mileage will vary:


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