My 10.2 VDH Wishlist

Greetings! Recently back to this class/spec in DF. Havent played it since the Brand leggo meta of mid SL. Loving being back on it and excited to hear they are doing some talent work. So, at the risk of being the 1000th feedback thread about it. My wishlist that the devs likely wont read but w/e.

#1. Can I has Blur? Or, at least some other additional defensive or defensive change. When I saw blur on the class talents in early DF beta for Veng to use I was super happy. Another defensive for Veng would be really nice. Something else to weave into the pulls to help out. Warrior has demo shout, bear has barkskin and rage, pally has ardent. Ya we have Fel Dev which is great but its not quite the same. Having another button would feel nice. Id even settle for a talent to make Brand function as a slightly weaker aoe more akin to Demo shout. Could also bring back Sinful brand with a spread component NOT tied to Meta.

#2. Can I has Threat? Maybe im just garbo but threat when starting a pack or gathering groups feels really bad, and against high burst classes keeping it until a bit into the pull can be rough. Bosses its fine though. Just buff threat from sigil of flame and even better Throw Glaive. Give it the warrior treatment of that talent they have that buffs the threat.

#3 This one is simple, Id like to use chains please. Just amke it baseline or more center to the tree like Silence is.

#4 Pie in the sky, wont happen till an Xpac likely, if at all, but putting it here anyway. More racial options. 1 more for each faction would be fine. There are easy choices too. Draenei and Orc. Draenei, Especially after Man’ari added, have fel ties. Orcs also have felties backed into their lore and even more so if you give us the fel orc options too. Can say the illidari trained new ones or just wave a wand and say always there from Fel orcs or desperate draenei back in TBC days. W/e works.

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Here come the FotMs

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Ya funny how that is. I picked VDH back up after being bored playing bear and Prot pally. I capped it and started re-gearing before the 10.2 announcement. But I have no doubt lots of ppl will flock to it once they see the changes. Same way HPal had that happen. Doesnt change the wishlist tho.

My #1 wish is the return of the talent from BfA: Gluttony.

I want our current (10.1) 4-set bonus to be a permanent addition.


This is by far my biggest want now that we have a 2m meta. Either our current 4pc or a reworked Fiery Soul that allows it to proc off any soul fragments consumed (which in essence is the same thing)

#1 - blur on the class tree. Yup. Easy fix

#2 have a feeling they will buff sigil talents so might solve this that way. Snap aggro can be wierd i get that.

#3 chains baseline or at least easier to take is a must

#4 actually against this one. Exclusivity is nice sometimes

Fiery brand is an obvious target for buffs the tier set bonus should be baseline.

Personally i would like demon spikes buffed and its associated talents removed to free up more points. Spending points to make demon spikes worse than shield block isnt fun

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I’ve always wanted Illidan’s Grasp for PvE.
Blur would be amazing, too.