MW - Uplifted Spirit healing bonus - Does it stack?

I’m kinda short on game time right now so I can’t test, but I was wondering if Uplifted Spirit was stacking for each crits of Vivify/RSK?

Tooltip doesn’t suggests that it stacks, but with the nature of the cd reduction, it feels like it should? With low crit right now, it wouldn’t become an insane HoT anyway. It’s not like revival initial healing is that strong?

But if it does stack… assuming you use RSK and free vivify on cd + the bonus RSK from TFT… that’s like 30 casts within 2 minutes. With 10% crit that’s about 3 crits so 45% revival as HoT. With a crit build in the long run (so say 30% crit) it would be a 135% revival HoT over 10 seconds. Nothing OP, but sure as hell is better than a flat 15% :slight_smile:

Anyways! If anyone can answer. tyvm

Edit: Revival CD is 3 minutes :man_facepalming: so more like 42 casts, 60% revival hot at 10% crit and 180% revival hot at 30% crit… (I’m also not taking the cd reduction into account, but at 30% crit that’s about 12 seconds, so you’re skipping maybe 3-4 casts and possibly a crit). Caster build would benefit more from these with more vivify casts but this is just a rough estimate of the benefits anyways!

There is no stacking.

Your Vivify crits, and RSK ( all ), will reduce the CD by 1 sec. Each time Vivify crits or you use RSK the CD of Revival/Restoral goes down 1 sec.

Revival/Restoral gets a flat extra 15% of its total healing added over 15 sec. ( this part is passive )

I wish revival had the “healing increase 100% when in dungeons” text. xD

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Kinda sad. Would have been a great option if it did stack :frowning:

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