MW set bonus useless in PVP

So I’m referring to 2s here, and
A. I have never cast essence font in a 2s game ever and
B. I have never stood still (and nor does my partner) in a 2s game
is it just me or are both set bonuses virtually useless in 2s?? Did they not take this into account when they made them? I really hope we get some changes to these…


Excellent point! Hopefully, pvp is slowed down so hots can actually do something in games.

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Would post in the monk feedback post in the 9.2 forum. Just posted my thoughts and im the only pvp post in there lol.


Esence font is an RBG ability and in very very VERY niche situations a 3s ability.
You don’t need to be standing still all the time, depends on how it functionally works, but for the most part if you’re ever using thunder focus tea you will be inside that for one reason or another lol

2s are an irrelevant bracket, people need to stop caring about it.

False. A lot of people get their gear from 2s before moving on to the “Relevant” content. In other words, 2s are “Relevant”, but for different reasons.

@OP: At any rate, I’m not in the least surprised that the MW set bonuses are terrible for PVP. Where PVP is concerned, MWs have certainly felt like a neglected specialization for most of this expansion. We have some of the worst legendaries, covenant powers and conduits in the game; and our PVP talent rework was a joke, outside of Peaceweaver and Eminence (Dematerialize, which was looking good initially, got nerfed into irrelevance before it even went live). Most of the suggestions the MW community has made to better MWs in PVP has been all but ignored.

Still. I love my MW. I will never stop playing my MW. I’m just saying that MWs have felt pretty neglected this whole expansion. We’re an afterthought - the set bonuses, legendaries, covenant powers and conduits prove that. It really begs the question, “Do the people designing these things even MW?

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MW being one of the weaker healers in pvp all of SL combine with this set bonus is sad panda.

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2s are an irrelevant bracket. If you’re basing balancing and stuff around 2s then you’ve already lost any arguement on balance, because it’s simply an impossible bracket to balance. MW, for instance, in 2s has been notorious for either being an extremely broken or extremely useless spec due to other specs being able to counterplay it with minimal effort, e.g. port on port from WW.

Set bonuses aren’t terrible for PVP, you’re just not getting the same value that other specs in the game will get from theirs, and it’s really easy to overtune a MW to the point where it’s god tier with minimal effort, so changing it will cause more problems then not unless they change it to something that I can’t think of.

That depends on how we define our terms. Perhaps in terms of game balance it is “Irrelevant” - even though it doesn’t have to be (that is a design choice); however, in terms of it being content a lot of people make use of and enjoy, it is quite “Relevant.” That’s all I’m saying.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that set bonuses be useful, for all classes and specializations, in all content and not just some content. If that’s not possible, then don’t even bother introducing them for anyone to begin with.

On the matter of MWs being difficult to balance: I don’t have any sympathy for the people who are in control of the specializations design. They made MWs that way. It’s not our fault. We shouldn’t have to pay for their mistakes.

Heroics are an irrelevant raid tier. I still do them because I can.

2s are an irrelevant bracket. I still do them because I can.

Relevancy in PVP is based around what you need to change things around. No one is going to say “WW NEEDS TO BE NERFED BECAUSE ITS OP IN RBGS”, because 10v10 is very different from the competitive bracket that is 3v3. Just like how no one is going to buff WW because its weak in Heroic SOD, even though it’s strong in Mythic.

And to be blunt, set bonuses from a PVE chore just shouldn’t be a thing in PVP. Half of these tier sets are going to completely break the game, especially when comboed with double legendaries. So if you’re using 2s as a bracket to create an arguement on why something is bad, then you’re going to have a lot of hassle to explain why it’s bad in the competitive bracket where it might not have the same weaknesses.

Again: our argument concerning “Relevancy” is an argument of definitions. Enough about that.

I’m not disagreeing with that. Frankly, I think they need to seriously consider the impact of such things on PVP before implementing them - that or just remove them/disable them if it’s too much work.

In PVP, balance is incredibly important. Adding yet another complicating factor, like set bonuses, on top of ever other system we’ve got in SL already is just asking for trouble. MWs specifically are kind of getting shafted here (by comparison with other classes and specializations), as one example of balance issues.

The OP is concerned about the effect these set bonuses will have in 2s - and that is fair, not least of all when it becomes yet another factor influencing the overall outcome of PVP content that ISN’T skill. This is just making 2s even more frustrating to play than it already is. Say what you like, but FUN is a thing that matters; in fact, it is the most important thing in a game. FUN is what sells subscriptions. Getting shafted by poor design isn’t FUN.

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I don’t know why everyone is fixating on the fact that OP mentioned it’s useless in 2s.

I don’t care if 2s is relevant or irrelevant to you. What matters is that it’s also irrelevant in the 3v3 bracket, meaning that is useless in arena in general. And that is the issue, not your opinions on how prestigious 2v2 is.


Blizzard trying to force people to use one of the least used, mana intensive, and extremely kickable abilities in pvp is frankly par for the course for Blizzard.

Why let people have agency over how they want to play when we can just do less development work and force them.


Would be insane if they let you choose a set bonus

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I’d like something like
2pc: Your healing spells have a y% chance to reduce the cooldown of TFT by x seconds.

4pc: Drinking TFT grants you z int for n seconds.

I’d keep y big which means x would have to be small but consistently getting CDR is better than randomly getting large spikes of CDR. Maybe give crits double the CDR. Maybe even make x small enough so that y% = 100%.

I got u guys in the set bonus posting

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I read that. Thanks so much! <3

Also, I agree with you about the WW tier as well.

The BrM 2pc is lame as well but that 4 pc seems like it’s going to be VERY overpowered but also correct our low hp problem. So I think all the BrM’s are being quiet hoping that the 4pc goes live.

Monk’s are lucky to have two Community council members :smiley:

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