MW Monk LFG raid/mythic plus

I didn’t put enough info in my last post so i’m redoing it to clarify so i don’t waste anyone’s elses time. I’m lf a horde guild that does raiding and mythic plus with maybe some pvp. Basically just an active guild that isn’t toxic and enjoys playing the game. I have raided in this and past xpac’s (not necessarily on this character much ) but i have experience in high end raiding as a healer and i perform above standard consistently. As far as availability i cannot accommodate to late night (past 1am est) or weekends only because i cannot guarantee attendance. In addition the job i work requires me to be working overnight every 6 days so if i overnight Sunday the next Saturday i will overnight then Friday and etc. I know it might sound like a laundry list but if all those are good with your guild please respond to this post. I am more than willing to server xfer for a good guild and will contribute as much as i can to guild development.

hey nimble im on wyrmrest accord horde guild we raid wed/thurs 830pm to 11pm est we are 7/9 normal, 3/9 heroic we do mythics + thru the week mainly on weekends if this interests you please add me to btag mortality#11220 or if you have questions ty

add me at Basedgod#1650 hope to hear from you soon

Hey Nimblebones, I think we might just be what you’re looking for :grinning:

Prestige WorldWide (Area52)

We are an all adult 9/9N 4/9H BOD guild, but whats more than that is we are a group of friends. We raid together, we push keys together, we take care of our weekly islands together, run old content together, and play other games together. We joke around in discord. And have fun playing the game. We openly welcome anyone that wishes to join us into this environment, including them in all we do, and need more!

9pm-12am eastern time

We’re in need of
Healer (1) (MW Monk/RShaman/Paladin Preferred)

If you aren’t on that list don’t worry, our bouncers take tips, so hit up btag or discord anyway we’ll see what we can do:heart:

Btag: Sataraa#1236
Discord: Sataraa#6900

[H]Topped Off-Illidan is returning to raiding and looking for more people.

We raid Tuesday & Thursday 9-12 CST

We are looking for cutting edge players that want to raid on a lighter schedule.

Have any questions? Add my battletag:



Pale Horse is a Mythic raiding guild on the Hyjal server. We are 3/9M BFD. 5/8M Uldir

We raid HEROIC on Thursday 9:30PM to 11:30 EST (6:30 to 8:30 PST). Outside of raids we also have groups running Mythic+ dungeons and have an active community of very friendly people.

If you think you might be interested, feel free to join our Discord: https://

Or reach out to the following contacts on bnet with any questions:


Discord: Gldfsh#1218

Hey nimble! Sounds like our raid times would work with your needs. And we need a mw :). Hit me up and I would love to talk with you, take care!!