Mw monk 415 lfg

Looking to come back to the game and to raid Looking for something past 10 est time i was 3/9 bod.

Hey Boom, come check us out, we could use a Monk

Knights of AFK

Is a late night guild recruiting for our progression team (EP. & 8.3)
Currently running 16 -18+ players but want to fill out 20 man core in guild for raids to be able to push into Mythics.


Proudmoore [US] - PVE




  • Friday-Saturday
  • 9:00pm - 12:00am PST
    Heroic is done during these times, so long as it is relevant.


  • Melee : Ret, DK, Rogue, Wind, Enh.
  • Ranged : Ele, Hunter
  • Tank : Any Off Tank
  • Healer : Holy Pally, Restro Sham, Mist
    Note: we will consider all, even if your class isn’t specifically listed above.

Comms: Discord

About Us:

A Group of friends that came from every expansion, various guilds and raid teams, spanning both factions, drawn together during the war against the Legion. We now find ourselves locked in the Battle for Azeroth, under a more recently established battle standard - Catharsis, as it is the ever present need for a release from the everyday that we achieve. We come together to clear content, joke, and keep a light hearted atmosphere full of laughter, and devoid of drama. We are a bunch of number crunching nerds that do not have the time to be hard core, but we look at the data and improve ourselves, and thus the team as a whole.

Our Focus:

The main raiding focus of the guild is currently clearing heroic content, I will not blow smoke about pushing into mythic, but…When we get there, we aren’t going to stop because it’s mythic. Scheduled raids take up 6 hours a week, 3 hours per raid. M+/Expeditions are encouraged, and run frequently throughout the week.


  • Shelly (deadlykitten#133756) GM
  • Gabe (Gnomez4Life#1358) Recruit

does sound interesting

Hello, we are recruiting:

How Long On Brez | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Friday and Saturday, 11:00pm-1:30am PST


Alliance an option? :smiley: We may be just what your looking for and wed love a mw monk for our heal core

Ebonvale is looking build a raid team to push into mythic raiding content in 8.3! We are recruiting any who are looking to find a new home where they can push content but also make friends! We are welling to also help anyone gear up!

Raid Times!

Sunday/Monday/Wednesday 10pm EST to 1am EST

Questions? Please contact:
GM: (Bnet) KiwiTiger#11312 |(Discord) KiwiTiger#3279