MW healer LF raiding/m+ guild

Coming back after a break and looking for a guild that isnt too large but needs a healer for AOTC raiding, and m+, for dragonflight.

Mostly looking for a positive non-clique environment and some good people to heal :3

Good morning!

is a core group of about 10 players that have played together for 10+ years. there are a few others that have been with us off and during that time. We are older almost everyone over 30, and most over 40. We mainly raid and some M+. we are strictly Heroic AOTC focused. We may dabble in Mythic raiding but its only when our group is down for it. We raid 8:30-11:15 server or PST with wiggle room for progress. Tuesday/Wednesday are raid days. Hit me up in game or bnet if you want more info #falconius1299

Hit me up. In always looking for someone to hit up M+ and pug with while we search for guild. Druid name in server: Perseval. Disc: Azriel#7626

(US-A)Legends of Sunken Temple on Lightbringer are currently recruiting dps and one healer for our raid team for Dragonflight. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8-11 p.m. server. We are an AOTC heroic focused guild. We also do mythic + content with some groups pushing higher keys.

We have a pretty active discord so feel free to come be social with us!

Our guild is a group of friends and we love to have fun together and kill bosses, we’re very laid back and we’d love to see if we’d be a good fit for you. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me (Bnet: Jamie#1101 Discord: Dulcinia#5896)