MW buffs next reset Feb. 7th

We getting some nice buffs on Feb. 7th reset. 3% overall healing increase and another 5% to Vivify on top of that. Also looks like they especially targeting caster mist weaver with buffs to clouded focus and peaceful mending. The Peaceful mending buff may make me take it now. 50% increase to enveloping mist instead of 30% at 2 talents is really nice.

But does appear they want to make both viable. Buffing spinning crane kick another 15% and faeline will reset more often with the talent.

Will it fix us, nah. But def nice to see and nerfs to druid and evoker healing. Not big but should bring us closer.

Main thing is it appears they are determined to continue tuning and we don’t have to wait for major patches. This is very nice to see.

Might not work but i am curious if those Soothing Mists buffs can translate to Jade Statue. Maybe not Clouded Focus but the Peaceful Mending part. I am excited with these changes I hate Faeline stomp with a living passion. I like fistweaving but hate how reliant it is on faeline stomp. Like its super dumb (well easy) to spin to win with Spinning Crane kick in a pile of mobs.

These are the official buffs on the blue post. It’s nice to see blizzard buffing caster mistweavers, I am a fistweaver myself but I always like the soothing mist/ jade build.

I’m just curious as to whether those buffs to Peaceful Mending is enough to not take Unison?

Honestly with my play style lately I think it will be. I don’t find myself actually using soothing mist for long periods of time where the healing is much. It usually just to get instant EnvM/Viv off. A 50% increase to EnvM is pretty huge. Think it will increase my healing much more than unison.

MW is going to be cracked after 10.07 and I’m here for it

Doesn’t peaceful mending only apply when you are channeling soothing mist?

Somewhere in there or 10.0.7 there was also a buff to thunder focus tea I remember seeing to make enveloping mist instant cast. Should be very nice for fist weavers as that can get you renewing mist procs just as easily as RSK not to mention the targeted healing and easier access to proc echoing reverberation (though I’d still like to see that as more a chain effect so it’s useful on ranged).

Makes me really consider Tea of Serenity over Tea of Plenty / Focused thunder to bank instant EM.

As for peaceful mending, does it work with soothing mist from jade serpent statue?

SooM has to be actively being channeled on the target to receive the Peaceful Mending buff. But Unison and JSS both apply it as well but they do not stack. Or at least that’s what someone who did a bunch of testing said. So using the two together is where it’s at. Your JSS will keep the buff going while you move for mechanics or cast SG or do an EF or anything else but also that Unison bit also doing it means you’re getting more than one person (even if it’s for only a brief moment). It however doesn’t proc mastery, only your channel of SooM does that. But Unison does make 1 cast of SooM heal for 3x the amount as well as potentially buffing the healing on 1-3 people at a time. I think this interaction has been sorely overshadowed by everything else going on with monks talents and current playstyle choices.

I’d love to see them completely remove the cast time of Sheilun’s Gift. If that’s too much, make it an instant-cast HoT.

Wait… is this true? That would be insane.

Yes, it is on the PTR build now, but wasn’t sure if it’s coming on the 14th.

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That makes Focused Thunder pretty juicy. That’s two instant-cast enveloping mists.

Possibly 3-4 with Tea of Serenity