MW and Rogue LF Mythic Raiding Guild


A friend and I are looking for a CE mythic raiding guild. Both of us are 415+ and 6/9 mythic. We’re very interested in mythic + and mythic raiding.

Would prefer between 2-4 days a week raiding, any days besides Fridays and Saturdays, with raid times between 6PM-10PM CST. We are willing to server/faction change.

Contact me at Lovinit#1445 or on here if you’re interested at all.


Hello Forne,

Criticalmass is a Horde guild on the Illidan server. We are looking for a healer and a dps to fill out our raid roster. We are currently 6/9 Mythic BoD. Raid times are 9pm - Midnight EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The guild is very active with two mythic raids and a ton of mythic plus throughout the week but small enough that everyone knows each other.

If interested please contact me in game @ Lightrath#1712 or on discord @ Light#4074


Sunset Riders is a newly formed guild of friends and compatriots. Raiding 2 nights a week, we are a casual no drama guild! So far, we have achieved 6/9 heroic and are going to push AOTC with the current tier of raiding. We also run mythic pluses, and generally have fun with each other on Moon Guard!

We raid on Wednesday and Thursday from 7 pm to 9:30 pm server time.
We also run Normal Tier raids on Saturday nights as well (7:30 pm Server time).

Currently, we are a seeking ranged dps (Shadow Priest/Warlock) for progression, Item level of 390+, with knowledge of fight mechanics and a desire to learn and push content. Others will be considered of course!

We also have several Role Players. We plan out events, currently scheduled on Friday nights, and Sunday, but also love spontaneous role play any day of the week. So we do seek role players as well, who don’t necessarily have to raid, just to have fun!

We are still a growing guild, but we like to do a lot together, and are fairly active in game and on discord! Contact me at laskaland#1301 if interested!