Multiclass Player LF Guild

Hello. So I am starting my search for a mythic raiding guild in 8.3. I have multiple classes that I am able to play, I am also willing to level and play any class/spec that would benefit the raid the most.

BM Hunter
Destro Warlock
Havoc DH
Prot Warrior (can play Fury)

These are my current characters that are 120. I do not mind playing anything else if needed.

The most important aspect for me when looking for a guild is the social aspect. I am looking for a guild that does more than just log on for raid and then logs off. I am looking for a guild that logs on and does stuff together, or just simply hangs out in voice chat to talk and hang out while doing other things.

The best way to contact me would be through bnet or discord! I won’t be reading the forums much. I hope to hear from you and looking forward to talking! Thank you for taking the time to read!

Bnet - Caboose#12343
Discord - Caboose#8380