Multiboxing - NEW TOS

Only if you’re using it to send the same input to multiple clients at the same time.

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Guess I’ll just have to defer to Blizzard’s guidance :frowning: Let’s see if I can find something somewhere


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That means nothing. That doesn’t say using hardware with software built in is ok.

You’re right. It says using input broadcasting software isn’t ok but no changes have been made regarding hardware. That must mean that any hardware based software like firmware is ok

You distracted me, forgot what I was about to do :thinking:

Oh yeah, buy some tea off amazon :slight_smile:


What kind of fascist BS is this…


Nope, this is a fallacy.

What they are talking about here is keyboards/mice with built in macros and functions that aren’t supported (which is almost all these days). You are allowed to use your fancy gaming keyboard/mouse just not the function built in its software to do things that violate tos.

I don’t multibox but more power to you OP. Ignore these haters. Spend your money how you want to as long as you aren’t hacking or cheating. The power of 5 accounts is the power of 5 accounts. If you’re worried about PVPing against multiboxers, 2 coordinated players could easily peel and disrupt a group of them. If you disagree, you’re bad. I’m with you OP, you have my sympathy.


Good thing I won’t be doing that then :slight_smile:

Firmware is software. You can use your hardware you just can’t use it to send keys to multiple wow clients.

Input broadcasting software? :slight_smile:


This is an oversimplification, making it wrong.


The way you are implying using it yes it would be input broadcasting software. You are just making the process more complicated.

So you’re saying it’s a… Fallacy?


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So then no

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Your shades are a fallacy :rofl:

No. The problem is the fact that everything you listed that you do in this game is made easier as a multiboxer. Multiboxxing druid single-handily crashed the Osmenite and Zin’anthid market and made herbing/mining null in BfA. You’re going to have a hard as hell time getting sympathy from any of us normal players.

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You want to argue with definitions? Firmware is a software program permanently etched into a hardware device

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Well I mean I don’t have eyes.

Sauces on this?

What? /10chars