Multiboxing - NEW TOS

software and hardware are two different things. do you think BOTS, which is what this nerf was aimed at, are going to waste time/money on that?

being poor in game is my proof :rofl:

It just seems you not smart enough pick up the tongue in cheek humor that my statement ‘Nobody really quits WoW’ implied. You need to waffle on about some anger garbage. I was hoping for a battle of wits but you appear to be unarmed. Good day sir or mam or both :sunglasses:


Facts not in evidence.

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And anyone with a basic education could read the title of the thread, the OP and come to the conclusion that we are talking about the new rules, which doesn’t include that form of multiboxing.

So again, no.

Test the rules for yourself and find out, I’m not interested in debating ‘what ifs’, only rubbing it in people’s faces when the inevitability of me being right hits them square in the face.

The policy now considers key broadcasting automation… Show me the in game macro that lets you broadcast an input to 30 clients…

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Its called use alt tab between your wow windows if you want to multibox

i wonder if this mob would be as offended if i made an anti carrying thread and said that boosts were killing the economy and give them a p2w advantage because they have 15m gold and can use it to pay for game time and other games etc. 15m specifically because someone was bragging about doing that exact thing in another thread while also whining about how boxers ruin the game. XD

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Exactly, the multi-boxers are trying to manipulate the forums towards their favor. It’s not working very well.

I don’t know of anyone that uses keyboard macros to broadcast input, seems like a waste of time when you can just press the button lol

You’re actually right though, they should ban that next.

knows that multiboxing is playing more than one account at the same time.


Unless you’re admitting to not having a basic education.

Funny you call people actually playing their characters mobs.

Who cares what the forums thinks? I just like hanging around here, Blizz makes the rules and the rules say “Kaurmine, go buy 4 more computers” and that’s what shall be done!

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You aren’t playing your character on the forum

they could’ve banned boxing if they wanted to. they didn’t though and then specifically said it was fine. you can WE DID IT BOIZ all you want. blizz has said it’s okay… and software was banned because of bots. you can try to change the narrative however you’d like, but that’s reality.

No, they didn’t. Multiboxing without using keycloning is unaffected by this rule change.

who multiboxes the forums my dude? you are a mob of angry people whining about boxers. where is your pearl clutching over boosts which hurts the economy more?

No it wouldn’t. This is just like the people who think they are entitled to play on low pop servers in perpetuity so they can have everything for themselves. This is an MMO, and it’s built around the community aspect.

That sums up the guys defending multiboxing perfectly. Ignore the anything that tells you no so you can focus on semantics.