Multiboxing = Cheating

Wonder if Blizzard would add a new sub model for $60/month that does nothing but increase the amount of mats you get from farming nodes and item drop rate from mobs? Instead of getting 5 herbs you get 20, and instead of dropping a green and 3 cloth, the mob will drop 4 greens and a dozen cloth. :joy:

I wanna get bonus goodies for the same effort without looking like Johnny Cage.

:joy: that would be me when I tried to dual box when mop was current haha. I tried to use hotkey(whatever it was called)to set up to box, but was not tech wizard enough to figure it out, so just abandoned trying to box altogether lol.

COVID is everywhere! Even in your threads.

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Another glorious day of Multiboxing, thank you Blizzard for the last 15 years of allowing me the ability to do so. :wink:


Rofl no, it’s “not supported” as in vague legal speak that gives them the power to either act on it if they wish or ignore it if they want to. That’s how these things are written. The only mental gymnastics going are is the fact people are paying extra money for in game advantages and trying to act like this isn’t literally pay2win.

Literally paying money, to win more than the player who doesn’t. You are literally cheating. Dress it up all you want you’re still cheating. The only evidence you actually have is “Well if they don’t want us doing it they’d ban us!” which is very biased since then they’d be banning a major source of extra revenu.

I doubt it. Since we’re still conveniently ignoring the pay2win aspect of multiboxing which is the topic title. Morally it’s cheating. Like I said to the other guy, you are literally paying more money to win more in game. It’s paying money to gain in-game advantages you can’t gain otherwise without paying that money.

Not being supported doesn’t translate to “This is allowed”. Unlike other addons multiboxing breaks the in-game economy. You roll up to a mining node, and you all loot it at once. Gaining more resources with less time than other players. You kill a rare and you all get to loot it multiple times via personal loot. Farming mobs, same thing.

Well of course a multiboxer would be so defensive when multiboxing gets called cheating. No surprise here. It’s hilarious how you call it a new “playstyle” when it’s literally just you cheating. If I were to pay for a cheat program to hack the servers and let my character do 20x more damage with abilities then I would get banned. But if I get 20 extra characters to all clone any ability I cast then suddenly it’s okay… despite them both bringing the same advantage.

You are paying to gain an extra advantage over other players. This is an action that is not allowed. Otherwise it wouldn’t be allowed to let people sell you their characters. It’s why they banned anyone selling carry runs for IRL money too. Never mind how multiboxing is a direct attack on manipulating the in-game economy when you clone item drops and resource nodes with your little multibox train. But please by all means keep saying you aren’t cheating when your only defense is “well blizzard hasn’t banned me yet!” as if they don’t just want your money. Anyone dumb enough to pay for the same game 20x is someone they want to keep around.

The only reason they get around to banning the chinese gold farmers is because unlike you, if they get banned they just use the profit they made selling the gold to buy new accounts and go right back to farming. Meanwhile you basically just said so yourself. If you get banned you aren’t going to be playing anymore. You don’t want to play something and have your ‘time & money’ investment stolen from you. Keep ruining the game though so your greed can gain advantages over honest players but don’t try to pretend you’re legitimate. You’re a fraud and you only hurt the overall health of the game.

And yeah I already commented on this. They ban the chinese botters because the botters just re-make their accounts. Which gives them more money in the end. Banning a multiboxer is going to end up making them quit since they don’t want their progress stolen from them.

It’s so simple that Blizzard is only taking actions that gain them the most money. But everyone wants to pretend otherwise I guess.

This is wrong. If they didn’t want you to use the stuff, they would flat out say that it is not allowed.

Not supported very simply means that they won’t help you if you have any problems.

If Blizzard says it’s not cheating, then it’s not cheating. You can dress it up all you want to, but you can’t change the truth.


IT IS STILL CHEATING. I don’t care what they say. Of course they’re going to allow you to pay them extra money to cheat. Why would they turn down extra money? If it wasn’t cheating then why do they ban alternative sources that basically give you the same result of multiboxing, but suddenly it’s not okay because the money is going to other parties?

Like it’s illegal to buy gold from a gold farmer. Because you didn’t earn that gold. But buy it from their WoW token economy and suddenly it’s okay. They don’t CARE about creating an honest and fair system for players to participate in. They only care about getting the money, if you find a way to cheat that gives them extra money it’s obviously going to be supported by Blizzard.

But to the rest of us? The players that are playing the game honestly? Not cheating? IT IS CHEATING.

That’s not what I said it was either. I said multiple people playing multiple accounts on the same PC. Which would be the only legitimate excuse to run multiple accounts on the same PC. Anything else is cheating falling under the categories of paying real life money for in game advantages, manipulating the economy, and various other things that aren’t allowed.

Gotta love it when cheaters say cheating is okay, because a billion dollar videogame company that is known for its monetary greed wants to keep having them pay more money for multiple accounts. Keep up the delusion guys. If you guys actually had personalities that weren’t so close minded and greedy maybe you’d get to just play the game with friends instead of having to pay for multiboxing.

Let’s just prove exactly how hypocritical the EULA is when referencing multiboxing. How many things does it break I wonder?

“Cheats: facilitating the gameplay, including exploits of any in-game bugs, and thereby granting you and/or any other user an advantage over other players not using such methods

Multiboxing gives you an advantage over other players not using it.

“Bots: that allows the automated control of a Game, or any other feature of the Platform, e.g. the automated control of a character in a Game

Multiboxing gives you automated control over accounts you normally wouldn’t be able to control.

“Duplicated Items: Create, utilize or transact in any in-game item created or copied by exploiting a design flaw, undocumented problem, or program bug in the Platform.”

Mining nodes with a multiboxing army essentially duplicates the resource. Same thing when you loot anything tied to personal loot.

“Disruption / Harassment: Engage in any conduct intended to disrupt or diminish the game experience for other players”

What is more disrupting to gameplay than watching a train of multiboxed characters stomp you in open world PvP, tagging all the NPCs so you can’t kill any, manipulating the in game economy with loot generated faster than any solo player can farm on their own, or disrupting battlegrounds? In addition for multiboxing taking up more server space on servers than a regular player would on days high queues are needed to stabilize gameplay.

“Blizzard reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason, or for no reason, with or without notice to you. For purposes of explanation and not limitation, most Account suspensions and terminations are the result of violations of this Agreement.”

This basically just means anything else stated previously in the EULA is redundant and pointless because they can ban you at anytime for any reason they wish and there’s nothing you can do about it. So why people bring this crap up like it’s supposed to be some written in stone gospel of god is beyond me. The thing changes constantly and there’s never any formal or notarized signature between you and Blizzard for “agreeing” to it. What is okay one day may not be okay the next day.

The best way to ensure that it’s not something they’re okay with is if it negatively impacts their bottom line. Which is exactly what I’ve been saying in all my posts. So all you multiboxing heroes out there shouldn’t get too comfy. One day it may get to the point where there’s an uncomfortable ratio of multiboxing players and real players that discourages the real players from continuing to subscribe to their games. And that day is the day they cut all ties to the “method of play” you hold so dear.

Going for the gold are we? That some Olympic quality gymnastics there.


Please shoot it and put it out of its merry!!

Holy moly Batman… with the amount of reaching in that I could from my height of two feet dunk a basketball two blocks away.



Windmills, giants, for some people it’s all the same. :man_shrugging:

No, it’s not. Unless you are the one running the game, you don’t get to decide what is or isn’t cheating.


No kidding, because you are wrong.


If it’s not breaking any rules, then it doesn’t fall under the definition of cheating.

Also? Extra money? Activision-Blizzard makes billions a year. They absolutely could ban mulitiboxing tomorrow and it would have no impact on their bottom line.

That’s because the gold transaction through wow tokens doesn’t rely on exploits, botting, and stolen accounts.

Multiboxers are playing by the rules. They’re playing the game just as honestly as you are. Probably more so even since they have more to lose if they get in trouble with Blizzard.

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Player 1: It’s Cheating!!!
Player 2: It’s not, Blizzard said it’s not.
Player 1: No, It’s Cheating, because I say so!
Blizzard: It’s fine with us
Player 1: /ignores Blizzard


I’m guessing this person doesn’t shop or support big box stores or chains since they gather more resources with less time than others.


Player 1: It’s cheating!!!
Player 2: It’s not, Blizzard said it’s not.
Player 1: No, It’s cheating, because it exploits gameplay using third party software.
Blizzard: It’s fine with us because it makes us money!
Player 2: /Simp noises