Multiboxing = Cheating

Show me where /follow allows you to stack up when flying.

You don’t need to stack you can use set view to easily loot on all following alts.

If you do not stack you will lose your toons when flying around trees. There has to be latency compensation.

*edit If you had read my post, you would know that I was not talking about looting…

No, they said they’re not supported. Not supported doesn’t mean not allowed.

Do you honestly believe that Blizzard, who can detect and ban actual cheaters and botters to the tune of tens of thousands a month, hasn’t found a way to prevent the use of multiboxing software in 16 years?


You are wrong. I can loot herbs just fine with /follow. Flying around trees is irrelevant.

There may be a more optimized way to do it but it has never been an issue for me.

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You still have not read my post then, I was not talking about loot.

If it works for you, whoppie do and good work multiboxing.

I did:

I just said I do this no problem with /follow. There is no stacking requirement needed to accomplish “herbing” or “looting the herb plant”.

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All the druids I see flying around stacks.
All the mboxers I seen doing wpvping stacks too, and moves in a formation.

If you did read my post, you would not have been so fixated on looting. I was writing about movement.

I can’t comment on what you have seen, I have seen multiboxers using the /follow.

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Has no self respect :sob:

Works well enough.

Don’t need to imagine, that’s what I do.

I dunno, MiRai seems to be doing fine here. You can tell he’s using /follow as if you look at the smaller screens you can see in the middle the yellow “following dude” text


Yes, you are right he is using follow.

My one toon gets stuck on trees, so its probably just me not able to imagine people running multiple toons flying around trees with latency as a factor.


The laziest multibox setup I’ve seen involved a two seater mount with the second account riding along.

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You have to pretend like your driving a truck with a trailer (or a semi). Make wide turns. Go wide around obstacles with your lead.

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It does work and the passenger can herb from a druid.

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Oh I get stuck, but one time I got a character stuck and I left him and went and did a quest only to realize hm, I’m missing someone :rofl: so I had to run him to the group and redo the quest :unamused: Now I try to keep an close close eye on where everyone is. I generally make quite large arcs around objects so I don’t get stuck as well or I’ll switch to every character and move them individually when I have to like jump a gap or something.

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lol I’ve thought of doing something similar to that with sandstone and having some characters mount and some ride because they don’t all have the same flying speed :weary: That’ll change come prepatch though, saved enough gold on everyone to get master flying :slight_smile:

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Wonder if Blizzard would add a new sub model for $60/month that does nothing but increase the amount of mats you get from farming nodes and item drop rate from mobs? Instead of getting 5 herbs you get 20, and instead of dropping a green and 3 cloth, the mob will drop 4 greens and a dozen cloth. :joy:

I wanna get bonus goodies for the same effort without looking like Johnny Cage.

:joy: that would be me when I tried to dual box when mop was current haha. I tried to use hotkey(whatever it was called)to set up to box, but was not tech wizard enough to figure it out, so just abandoned trying to box altogether lol.

COVID is everywhere! Even in your threads.

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