Multi Cutting Edge Prot Warrior 7/8 M LFG - Horde only

8/8 Mythic Guilds preferred.

Prot Warior Main with BDK Alt. I was a DPS Warrior for most of my WoW Career but am enjoying Tanking now.

I am the current GM/Raid Leader of SECURITY - Arthas Horde. Our Guild finally died after 3 years of non-stop Raiding.

I was the GM and RL for Security for the last 2 years. The original GM and Founder gave me leadership because he knew that I would give it 150% and try my best to get the Guild to a respectable level. With the help of my Officers and my players we managed to improve our Ranks in every Tier. The majority of players that joined us stayed with us and absolutely loved our Raid environment. Many people that eventually left us DM’d me and thanked me for my Raid Leadership. People know me to be a calm and collected players that is very heavy into Warcraft Logs and strategy on fights. I give it 110% when I play this Game and I will always be on time. In the last 3 years I think I have missed a handful of Raids and that’s only because of Vacation days.

About me:

I am 34 years old and am married. Self employed and my hours of work never change. I am very proficient at my class and I love playing Warrior. I can easily decipher my logs and finds issues in my play or others. Over the years I have helped countless players in my Guild to improve their play, even if it was classes that I didn’t play myself. I know how to find the answers.

I can help Raid Lead if necessary. I am extremely dedicated to my Team and am ALWAYS available via Discord DMs.

You will never hear me rage about loot or rage at my players. As a Raid Leader it was very rare for me to lose my temper.

I can play BDK if necessary in 8.3 but I’d prefer to play my Warrior.

I have tanked Mythic Azshara and can jump into any Guild and tank the fight without issue. Lowest we’ve gotten her is 56% so I don’t have any pulls deep into the final part of the fight yet.

CE Achievements: Antorus, Uldir, BoD and would have 100% gotten it in EP if the Guild didn’t die…

Available Raid times: Any Day from 9 PM EST - 1 AM Est except Saturdays. Fridays I’d like to keep free if possible.

Raid Environment is EXTREMELY important to me. I do not want to trial for a Guild filled with Toxic Players. I can take jokes all day. I don’t get offended but I want an adult Raid environment. I am looking for a GUILD, not a group of people that just log in to Raid and never want to talk to each other about anything else other than the Game.

EP Logs: warcraftlogs . com/character/us/arthas/shakerdeepz
BOD Logs: warcraftlogs . com/character/us/arthas/shakerdeepz#zone=21

Discord: Shaker#6358
Bnet: Shaker#1787