Multi class Tank LF new home

Thanks for tanking the time to check this out. Ive been tanking since day 1 of wow. I REALLY enjoy it and I would like to say I good at it. I am looking for a new start with a guild that starts 930-10est. and goes 2-3 nights a week. I would really like to get CE going foward but would be ok with a guild that can get 75% of the raid dead on mythic. Im old school so doing a boss with 200-300 deaths is fine to me… its fun

I main a paladin Tank but also have a warrior/monk tank that I would be willing to switch to. I am working on a DK/Druid but not their yet

I would work on multi tanks at the same time… i know some are better for different fights in mythic.

Ive never got CE due to guilds falling apart… or me staying with a guild where I really enjoy the people… and we just stay with aotc.

Ops#11419 is my bnet
Bigkef#8664 is my discord

Please hit me up I would love to sit down and chat with you reguarding this