Multi-CE R Shaman looking to finish CE

Hello friends, thanks for clicking here!

My name is Xyzi and I just returned to the game not too long ago after a hiatus whenever Nyalotha came out.

A bit about me: I have been playing since beta whenever I was 12. Over the course of the entire game I have mained many characters but mainly just my rogue, dk, druid, priest, and shaman.

I found raiding in TBC with my rogue and really just played casually until I found HFC in WoD so that’s where I’ll start listing any prevalent raiding experience.

9/12M HFC (first raid tier for me) Also first 2.2K achievement
5/7M EM
3/3H ToV (Later got Chosen :joy:)
10/10H NH (Started to get tired of druid)
6/9M ToS (First tier is Shaman)
12/12M CE Pre Nerf Antorus (World 500ish)

At this point my fiancée told me we were expecting a child and I knew I had to be a bit more casual.

3/8M Uldir
7/9M BoD
2/2H CoS
8/8M CE EP
3/12M Ny’alotha (World 123 Wrathion, 89 Skitra, 450 Maut) Had all 96+ parses when I was raiding, as well as a rank 1 shaman parse

I took a break due to the corruption system being awful, but I am back and actively working on getting over it.

Horde or Ally doesn’t matter, but I would need something at 9CST or later!

Xyzi - Stormrage
Akbutcher#1310 Battle Net
Akbutcher#6535 Discord

Thank you all :heart:

No Turning Back 11/12M
Hello looking for dps and healers reach out or check out our website and apply

h ttps://

We are a small guild on Sargeras that has an active community both in game and on Discord. We are active during off raid nights with mythic+ and other in game content. We are a 2 night 6 hour a week raiding guild with intentions of achieving Cutting Edge. We have built a solid core and are looking for a few more raiders to add to our community and roster. We like to joke around and pick on each other all in good fun, but when it comes to progression we know how to change modes and be serious to get content down. Our atmosphere is extremely important to us, therefore we have a zero drama tolerance. We are looking for long term raiders with a competitive drive and a desire to always improve.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7:30-10:30pm CST (Invites are sent out 10 minutes prior)

• Complete at least 1 +15 key per week.
• Have DBM/Bigwigs, Ert, and WeakAuras.
•Keeping Heart of Azeroth neck levels competitive, grinding out corruption resistance on legendary cloak for 8.3
• Be on time for raid invites with consumables which includes pots, food, flasks, and runes.
• Knowing your class. Keep up to date on the latest and greatest talents, azerite, essences, and gem/enchant combinations to perform as well as possible on each fight.
• Research on each fight for your specific role/class is required.
• Sign up to raids on the in-game calendar.

Attendance: We are looking for competent and reliable raiders that can maintain a 90% attendance rate. We are all adults with lives outside the game so we do understand that things happen. Our policy on missing raids is to notify an officer before raid, unless an emergency occurs.

If you are interested in joining add my battle tag or discord info:
Bnet: Ash#11430 Discord: Celesaris#7924

[H] (Mal’Ganis) 3/12M 12/12H AOTC LF RDPS and Healer

We are a newly formed Guild but all experienced players with CE exp Looking to solidify our roster to finish pushing through Ny’lotha and continue strong into Shadowlands. We currently push high keys and run heroic Ny’lotha to gear alts.

Tues/Thurs 8-11PM EST

Ranged: Hunter, Mage

Melee: DH

Healer: Holy/Disc Priest

Will consider any exceptional players

Btag: Smokey#1196

Discord: Smokey#9390

Hello XYZI. My name is lilli. I’m currently a raid leader for a guild named Stay Hydrated on Sargeras. We raid thursday and sunday 8-11EST. Currrently 7/12 M, about to be 8/12M. If you would like to talk real time feel free to add me on discord !

Tim AKA Lilli#0087

Just realized I halfway finished my post… fully updated now!