Multi CE, MultiClass Raider looking Late evening weekday CE team

Current Prog :
7/8M Uldir
9/9M BoD
6/9 TEP(took break for classic.)
12/12M Nya

Well experienced player looking for an active CE focused guild to push and achieve Cutting edge every tier of shadowlands, High end M+ and even some PvP if your team happens to dabble.

I am very knowledgeable in almost every class, and still have an open mindset when it comes to choosing one for SL, I am currently maining DK(DD) and have strong leans towards playing Spriest or even disc in the upcoming expansion.

Raid availability -

I am available pretty much any time tues-fri but am looking for something around 10pm-1AM EST or in that ballpark for raid times.

Current logs - It will not allow me to post links currently, but i do have mythic and heroic logs available on Warcraftlogs under my character name Cwade-Thrall

Contact info -


We will have a team for almost any time you need in SL.

bump! Still looking for the perfect fit

bump! Wheres all the 9-12 est CE guilds?! or close?!

Hey Cwade.

I know your post says Tues - Fri, but if you have any availability on Saturday, we could be a fit for you.

Split is a weekend mythic raiding guild on Mal’Ganis.

Hours: Fri - Sat 10:00pm -1:00am EST

Leadership is currently 12/12m and all members have true CE experience dating back to Cata. We’re looking for some ranged DPS to finish the roster and a solid Shadow Priest would be perfect.

We are not actively raiding this tier and are taking a slow, methodical approach to recruiting. If any of the sparks your interest, please send me a request on Discord.


Good luck in your search.

All of this sounds like exactly what im looking for, however, i dont have much availability on saturdays due to work! Cheers and good luck!