Multi boxing is fine eh?

Man you guys are necro’ing all the threads just to be wrong

Mutliboxing is still fine


This didn’t age well


Chromie time is why multiboxing is against tos now.

7 chromie time phases(on a 50 via party sync) 7 more with WM
That’s 14 phases of the same area 1 account can farm.

the last time multiboxing got anything close to this was back in legion with realm hopping.

If chromie time wasn’t exploitable we would still have multiboxing.

the new toys in the shop are to counter the ban on multiboxing

Oh sure it’s fine guyz, just don’t use the software that 95% of multiboxers rely on to multibox. It’s fine tho!!1

The delusion that the pro MB crowd puts themselves under is ridiculous.

Like it’s cheating, no arguing otherwise. The only reason Blizzard even tolerates it is because they’re pro-pay2win, as proven by the existence of WoW tokens.

You uh, world class hacker that knows what everyone has on their PC?

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Feels so good to be right in the end. Cya, no more sidestepping technicalities. All forms of viable multiboxing are gone.


I mean, there’s still extremely viable ways to multifarm, they’re just annoying.

Many people have been farming without software or hardware since before either was banned.

Lay out your windows on your monitor(s), have the sub accounts on follow, go to herb/mine, click on each manually, 6 windows would take maybe 4 seconds total each herb/mine


the policy just changed. this isn’t a case of “see, we told you so”


Sorry, but no. Anything that streamlines that process, hardware or software is now invalid. Windows is software, alt+tab is hardware. If you see multiple accounts following each other, they’re doing something to streamline their multiboxing, and fair game for a report.

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Wow, way to misunderstand blizzards post entirely.

Alt-tab, or clicking on another window are not input mirroring. Blizzard has banned both hardware and software INPUT MIRRORING and AUTOMATION, doing it manually is still a-ok, there’s nothing automatic about alt tabbing or click manually.


It is tho. Everyone thinking they were so clever by just going from software to hardware to skip the initial change finally gets put in their place. There was a reason the software was banned in the first place. Trying to side step that reason and switch to hardware just makes hardware get banned. Trying to side step that and still abuse it with some other set up will also result in a ban. They can keep digging their own graves desperately trying to cheat though.

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At this point I would be too afraid to even have a second account put my main on follow, for fear of even the appearance of using automation.

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That’s the point.

big “human paladin” energy here :roll_eyes:


Go back, and look harder. They mention both automation, and anything that “streamlines” multibotting. It’s very obvious that their original policy change was meant to throttle multibotting, but that community just can’t help but try and find loopholes to cheat.

So now, the policy is so open ended that it’s done, game is over. Simple reading of the policy makes any multibotting a game of waiting to be reported by enough people that you get banned.

We can sit here and argue all day, but no, alt tabbing or manually clicking windows is not stream-lining anything and will not get you banned.

Streamline: make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

Alt-tabbing/clicking manually is the baseline, streamlining it would be anything faster than/more efficient than that.


You are wrong.


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The baseline is having two computers, with two keyboards, and two mice.


Look, this was updated 4 hours ago, multiboxing the normal way (clicking/alt tabbing) is perfectly fine


Multiple PC’s and sitting on a wheeled chair going from computer to computer is hardware.

Relying on /follow, which is fine… but using that /follow to then use alt tab to loot resource nodes multiple times would fall under software.

Stop cheating and you won’t get banned. Keep trying to find loopholes and they’ll just update the rules again so that nothing can be done by anyone.