Multi boxing is fine eh?

Multiboxers make ridiculous gold each month and then buy tokens. They can easily sustain a boatload of accounts with the money they make in a week. Most don’t even pay the monthly/annual subscription anymore. Oh and for those that support the idea that “Blizzard gets paid for each subscription a multiboxer has”, they’re just plain wrong. Gold supports a multiboxer’s accounts. Multiple tokens. Blizzard doesn’t see a dime.

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There was an old reddit guide that showed you exactly how set up your accounts and many accounts were needed to make enough gold per week to sub your account via gold.

Multi boxers paying monthly with anything other than IRL cash is a myth, after the first initial purchase. As an old eve online vet that had 9 accounts I can vouch for the reddit post.

On a side note if blizzard says its fine then so be it. Just gotta box yourself and get it over with.

Except someone had to buy those tokens for $20 each.


Which explains perfectly why they banned 74 000 accounts last month for cheating.

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Where do you see the numbers at?

Correction - It was in June. Time flies in a pandemic.

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Why? Give 2 decent reasons.

So… instead of the multiboxer paying $15/month per account, he uses gold to buy one token per account, per month. Tokens that someone else paid $20/each.

You’re argument is that instead of the multiboxer spending $150/month on his ten accounts, someone else is spending $200/month. Where do you think that $200 goes if Blizzard doesn’t see a dime of it?


I can’t wait for the answer to this question. It’s hilarious when people start yapping about stuff that they don’t think through. lol

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Blizzard also thinks GCD is fine, they also thought corruption and azerite was fine. Blizzard hasn’t been competent in decision making for years.


But here we are still spending our time, energy, and money on a game with subpar developers… right, right???


Pretty sure if SL is a failure like its looking to be, the exodus of players is gonna be worse than WoD

Then go play something else and don’t waste your money it. lol

You pay for your sub?

I sure don’t. I don’t personally spend a dime on all ten accounts. I pay for my time with tokens. So Blizzard makes roughly $200 from me playing each month.

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The Youtuber is a known exploiter. I don’t really think you should be trusting his opinion on whats fair.

Yea, jealousy. You’ve figured it out. Everybody pack it up and head home.

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It’s more than obvious. It all boils down to “it’s not fair”.

lol so a multiboxer defending multiboxing? seems legit