Multi-boxing is Botting, Change My Mind

you just made the case that it’s not botting by saying, “they are controlling multiple characters at a time”. Key word there is, “they”, not a bot / program.


A bot is automated to function without a player present

Multiboxing is controlled by a player at all times


Good post. For those last 5 levels you should try mob tagging. That’s where you take one character you’re trying to level, and your best 60 on the other side, but don’t party up. If your level 55 tags a mob, and then your 60 kills it, you get 100% XP as if the level 55 killed it solo. I was getting 1200 xp/kill on the warlock while my shaman blew up elite dragonkin in Azshara and trolls in Jin’thalor.

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Not a bot, no - but there’s absolutely a case for automation.

The player is ‘playing’ one character, the others are only working as they do due to a third-party tool.

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Botting is the use of a program to play automatically play a character with no input from the player once the botting program is started. Multiboxing is playing more that one character at the same time. Each move in game per character while multi-boxing requires a player at his/her computer to manually use a mouse, keyboard etc. for that move while playing. Just because you do not approve of multi-boxing does not change the definition of automation and manual control of characters in game.


This is the key word. Multiboxing doesnt use automation. It is allowing you to press a button in one instance of a game and mirror it in other instances of a game. Think if you have 2 Word documents open and if you spelled out a name it would duplicate the exact message on the 2nd one. Multiboxers use macros to control the other accounts. This is built into the game and is perfectly legit. Some software allow users to macro some button presses to translate into other button presses. This is also perfectly fine. Lets pretend you have no hands. Now you use a specific device that allows you to play with your mouth. This translates specific commands into controls for the game. wowhead (.) com/news=316475/interview-with-sebens-12-12-mythic-tank-who-plays-warcraft-with-no-hands

So this person isnt allowed to play under your assumption that software that allows translations of commands into a game client. This is esentially the same as multiboxing software as its translating key commands into a game instance or multiple game instances.

tldr: Multibosing is not “gameplay automation” and is only duplicating key presses into multiple clients.


No, you’re manually controlling each characters moves when you’re controlling the other the other is just sitting there, botting is i press X and all 120398 of my bots arcane explode. Arguing that i have to press 1 button and infinite number of characters react isn’t botting is disingenuous.


these posts are getting old. Qq ontop of some qQ layered with a little extra QQ and some qq sprinkles on top.

That’s…that’s automation.

You’re not manually switching tabs and controlling each character’s rotation manually. You are using a program that automates the process.

Whether Blizzard cares about that is up in the air, but it is objectively a form of automation. Not totally botting, no - but it is automated.


I hope all the multiboxers just make different accounts not associated with each other on individual accounts just to keep hearing all you kids kick, scream and cry over your control issues.


so you’re saying a person didnt press a key on the keyboard…? you are wrong


Multiboxing: Turning 1 keypress into 10 key presses
Botting: Turning 1 keypress into 1000 key presses

Of course they both fall under automation. Blizzard allows multiboxers to break their TOS because 1) it earns them money, 2) there is a human at the keyboard [despite that human using automation software], 3) multiboxers create interesting/unusual scenarios [and videos of those scenarios] that create organic marketing for the game


Blaming and punishing a player just because they’re on the same acount logged on multiple accounts is in fact extreme.

I’m saying he did it on one, and a program did it on the others.

The process is aided by via a program, by definition, it is automated.


but that program only did it because a person pressed the key. not a bot.

how is it automation? its not moving the character for you…your pressing 1 and the game reads your pressing 1. Its duplicating the command as I stated LOL. automation is something that is doing the key presses for you and having commands run without your input. This would be the same as saying having and driver software isnt allowed since its essentially translating what your keyboard input is to what the game understands lol. your issue is that the game instance isnt selected or the main thing. That is fine and you can make that argument which i doubt will go far since your allowed to tab out while playing to do something else. But saying a 1 to 1 key response is automation then your asking for most drivers and software for keyboards, mice, headsets to be bannable lol.

This isn’t true. Your input is only determining what one character does. The automated software is what then sends that input to the 1,2,3, 4 other characters. It automates the process. It’s the same thing as you clicking go on a bot program and going to bed for the night, just more frequently.

For someone’s input to directly determine what characters do, someone would have to alt tab to each screen and directly input it. Or use 5 monitors, 5 computers, 5 keyboards, whatever. If they aren’t doing that, something is automating the process to the other characters.

However, it earns Blizzard $15-60 more monthly per person who bots, so it’s not in their interests to regulate it, so they differentiate it and act like it’s not botting.



Also, in many cases, it does move the character for you.

But at a fundamental level, the program is controlling the other characters by copying you, the player isn’t controlling those characters.

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if a person is controlling the software’s every input, how is it a bot?

if the software ran on its own without a person’s input–then thats a bot!!


I didn’t say it was a bot, I said the process was automated.

Pay attention, kiddo.

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