Multi-boxers EVERYWHERE

So i decided to try to farm up some current expansion mats after i heard about the ban for multi-boxing and software related things. So i go to malxraxus to farm upsome herbs and boom… ssdd multi-boxers everywhere. usually the same set up. a guy riding a druid. often controlling multiples. when i whisper them they sometimes respond on a different toon. usually speaking spanish never english or barely.

Multi-boxing and cheating using things to farm up multiple herbs on 2 accounts or more is still previlent… so im going back to not farming up mats again since multiboxing is still going on and no way in the world can one guy compete against another dude controlling multiple accounts… just can’t.

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The only thing u can do is right click and report and let blizzard deal with them not all MB software is banned but there taking a harder stance. Personaly i wouldnt bother with whispering just report one or 2 and let blizzard deal with the rest.

  • Multi-boxing is not supported, but it is allowed.
  • Software and hardware to streamline multi-boxing is not allowed.
  • Druids =/= automatically mean that it is someone doing something illegal while farming.

Speaking personally as a druid main, if I was farming with someone and I had someone whispering me to rant or antagonize me for farming? I’d probably ignore you outright or start saying something stupid or just as ridiculous right back. That’s not to say you were rude, but a lot of the times that seems to be the case that there is nastiness when people think one thing that they have no viable proof for.

Right-click, report and go on about your way and find a new spot to farm. Blizzard will sort it all out. If there was no action, then your assumptions were incorrect.


I would recommend reading the available information on multi-boxing and not rely on hearsay, Drakelock, as “multi-boxing” in and of itself hasn’t been banned.

This is the most recent update regarding hardware.

This is specifically about multi-boxing.

A few things to consider. First, many multi-boxers get contacted by all manner of folks on a daily basis. Most avoid answering at all because it just isn’t worth the argument. Some will opt to troll the person and reply in a way to mess with that person. Some turn off their chat or only have chat active on one character (hence answering through a different character than who you contacted).

Second, while our main offices are located in Irvine, California the people who play this game are varied. The NA version is accessed primarily by folks who live in the Americas, North and South. This includes a number of regions that may not speak English, not even counting the number of citizens within this country who may speak or prefer other languages besides English. What language a person replies in really isn’t proof of anything.

If you suspect that someone is botting, please use the right-click report option. That will send a report to be used in any related investigations. Also, keep in mind that this update was made about 5 days ago. You won’t see a massive shift immediately, it will take time to sort those actually violating our policies from those who are not.


It’s almost like disallowing the software that a relative handful of multiboxers used as hobbyists didn’t do anything to all the botters who didn’t care if they were breaking the rules before or after the change.


I don’t think a ban wave came with the recent policy change. There is never going to be a magic fix.


Oh I know the answer to this and I put in a GM ticket asking about it a while back for a TOS clarification. They are Venezuelan gold farmers being paid by gold selling sites to farm up herbs and materials. All them speak Spanish and some will say, “I’m working!” in broken English. They said they weren’t selling gold that they were “being paid for their time” out there. They migrated over from runescape after the revenant cave nerf. The only reason they are multiboxing is to farm gold and their PCS can only handle one account maybe 2 at a time. To them, this is employment. It’s a very very sad situation because of how their government failed them and often times their accounts get hacked, losing everything. Sorry to get all… idk irl about this, but if they are around 700 to maybe 1.2k achievement points (they unlock renown to farm boes from what I can gather) then it could be a Venezuelan farmer.

This is an article discussing it with another video. Very few boxers box for massive amounts of gold. Some do but they mainly run the AH on their alts then do dungeons or other content solo. From what I’ve seen, a lot of the “boxers” that people identify are bots. I don’t have an issue with people boxing, but this issue needs to be known. A lot of the bots are hacked Venezuelans accounts.

Well, it won’t let me post links so just google:

How Venezuelans took over video game gold farming
Venezuelan Gold Farmers Have Moved

Also you an report them as being a gold farmer… but I’ve reported some several times and nothing. Only when they get hacked and turn into bots does it get taken care of.

And to be clear, not all can run 2 and there are quite a few solo farmers doing 2x4 farms in maldraxxus instead of herb farming. The problem is RMT and players buying gold from third party sites instead of doing the wow token system like the system was intended.

Multiboxing isn’t banned, just certain software that can be used for it, but also by bots and the like, which is more the reason it’s banned now I imagine. Even if these people are using said software, Blizzard’s policies are generally enforced reactively, so just because someone is breaking a rule doesn’t mean they’re being allowed to break the rule. Report it and it’ll get dealt with.

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i think their point was… the issue with gatherers, was never actually with genuine multiboxers.

the issue was was and still is, bots.
botters clearly don’t care about rules


Is this what people are saying about gold farmers now? They’re Venezuelan now instead of Chinese?

Or it could be a legitimate player who started a new Battlenet account to go for RaF rewards and doesn’t have all the achievements their main account has.

Everything you posted is speculation. Broken English is not a sign of someone who doesn’t speak English.

Reports come from over 200 retail realms and the Classic realms. They are handled in the order they are received. Reports from multiple accounts can get them looked at sooner. Bots are banned in waves because it has a greater impact on the ones using bots. Anything else is done after an investigation. Blizzard is not just going to take your word on it.

The only way you would see something happen quickly is if Blizzard had already completed their investigation and you reported them just before Blizzard applied their penalty.

Maybe the ones you are reporting aren’t actually breaking the rules. Speaking English is not a requirement of the game.


I’m telling you this is the case. I can’t post screenshots in here to show you the conversation I had one with one in a discord regarding this (still newer to the forums so idk what can and can’t be posted along with the system is literally blocking me from linking links). He quit doing it, but he said that countless of the people that signed up got hacked or banned (mostly hacked). Those hacked players then turned into bots.

I multibox and there are a lot of legitimate multibox players out there that don’t want to see bad things happen to the community. RMT is a massive massive issue that needs to be addressed no matter what section of the community you fall under, (boxer, booster, casual farmer, pvper, raider, etc.)

“Oh they may be a real player” Yeah they are a real player… being paid money to farm materials. And yes, it’s just like the Chinese gold farming but with Venezuelans now. Speaking Spanish isn’t a requirement of the game and isn’t an indicator that someone is doing any of this but when you see 10 to 15 in one spot from different servers that aren’t usually Spanish speaking servers, Illidan (mostly chinese), Zul’jin (half french) for example) asking for an invite and fighting over the maldraxxus 2x4 farms, whispering them, “what’s going on” in English or Spanish (Que pasa? Espanol es malo :frowning: ) and they say “us working, we need eat” in broken english then it’s pretty obvious on what they are doing. Yes, this is a real problem and yes it needs addressed. If multiboxing was banned they would do it with just one account too.

Also if you start a new account for RAF you can do it underneath the same bnet in order get the RAF rewards and you keep all the mounts shared (wanted the same xmog on all my locks for funzies hehe) And people aren’t saying ANYTHING regarding this issue with RMT. Botters and RMT are 100% ruining the game and I absolutely hate anykind of RMT or botting in this game. If I see bots I lock them down for hours on end with toys and record it just to report them to blizzard at the hacks team via their email. I’m inside due to covid so I got a lot of time to harrass bots. Or, if you do mention the RMT issue, people call you a toxic person and claim it to be fake (not saying you’re doing that it’s just a previous experience). There are plenty of articles out there about them farming gold and doing so to survive not just in wow but in other games too. Be them duel boxing, 2x4 farming in maldraxxus or ravendreth, or BOE farming the raid then going into /yell in org and spamming WTS [raid boe] for hours on end. They MASS REPORT people too if you get into a zone and they are farming. They yell out, “Repport xxx” and I had to put in a ticket, with video footage, to make sure that I wasn’t mass flagged and falsely reported. I was on a solo account at the time not running around with all 3 locks. I was doing some leveling with her and that happened. If I could link all the screenshots and videos here I would but where this is newer (I’m super new to the forums) it will not allow me to do so.

Also as a clarification I do not just willy nilly report. It’s a massive problem and you can check with a simple whisper. If they don’t respond then assume it’s just someone that doesn’t want to talk to you and move on nbd. If they go, “no talk, me working.” Then it’s most likely a gold farmer.

You can box if you manually swap wow windows, manually press a button to put a character on follow and manually cast spells. I mainly RP with my locks and maybe do some questing. There are several boxers that even BEFORE the first TOS update they never used software to broadcast commands (aka mirror commands) or use hardware mirroring. They just manually swapped windows and played that way. There are several that just run the AH with 4 maybe 5 toons all manually accross several servers on brutos beside a mailbox. It’s command mirroring aka keystroke and click broadcasting they were after because people got around it with hardware broadcasting via multiple computers, which could be massively abused. Third party software is never authorized by blizzard so any third-party software is always use at your own risk, addons are generally safe but that’s up to blizzard. I do not use any kind of third part software for multiboxing, window management, or in anyway interacts with my wow client or clients.

As I said earlier:

I think it’s time to close this one up, thanks all!