M+/social guild

I’m looking for a M+ focused guild or group of players to push keys with. I am aware I’m not even close to being geared enough in my current setup. I’ve been playing WoW since vanilla. I am just returning from a long break. Life happened at the end of Battle for Azeroth and I was unable to play at all during shadow lands. I don’t have the time for a strict raid schedule and found the M+ scene right up my alley in battle for Azeroth.

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Hi there! I too recently returned from a hiatus and I am currently looking to make some new friends who also enjoy M+. I have 2.2k+ i.o on my monk but as of right now I’m working on my Druid here.

So, so long as you’re chill we will likely get along. I just don’t have time for toxicity at my age. :sweat_smile:

Hope to hear from you.

I am too old for the toxicity and the drama as well lol :joy:. I plan on playing a my shadow priest. I can’t remember what my raider IO score was back then but I was running 15+ Keys on multiple toons


Shadow priest is an excellent choice :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me if you want! Molotov#11168

I added you. Mindflicker#1770

Did you manage to find a group or guild Mind? I am in the same boat. I just returned and looking for people to play with.

I have found a guild and a group that seems promising. Haven’t been able to run very much as of yet due to my schedule. You’re welcome to add me as well