MSI GeForce RTX 3080 - Low FPS?

Anyone else utilizing one of these yet in game? I resubbed to wow to see how it is working.

I have everything set in game to 3440x1440p - ultra, 16x, msaa 8x - rendering at 100% - getting 60-70fps in Zandalar town, 200% render (6880x2880) I’m getting 45-50fps in town.

FPS Limit set in sync with my monitor - 144fps, also tried with both min/max disabled, drivers are latest available, system is all up to date and brand new bios updated on mobo, etc.


AMD 3600X @ 4.1GHz all core OC
MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ventus 3x OC
32GB DDR4 G.Skill RAM

AOC 31.5 3440x1440p FreeSync Monitor (gsync/fsync turned off) - monitor refresh rate set to 144hz.

temps are good on both cpu and gpu (checked via cpu-z/gpu-z and msi afterburner)

  1. What did you upgrade from? Did you DDU to install the new GPU?

  2. In some places, CPU is gonna bog you down no matter what, but I don’t think that should be giving you those low FPS numbers. Did you get the latest drivers?

  3. Kinda hate you. Not that much, but a little.

I upgraded from a 5700XT (only came out of pocket $330 for the 3080) as I took it back. Built this PC on 9/02 and needed something to hold me over, thank goodness for 30 day return policies.

Maybe I need to utilize DDU and see. I am on the latest game ready driver available 9/17 - ver 456.38 from geforce experience.

CPU usage hasn’t gone over 30% in game from what I’ve monitored so far.

Yes, use DDU especially when switching from AMD to Nvidia.

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Replying to set notifications … please let us know how it goes. I am considering a 3080 or 3070 and have a 3600, so I’m very interested in know if your performance improves.

Hard to say, if those town results are with lots of players, it could just be all cpu bottlenecking.

Need to know gpu utilization when that’s occurring to know for sure


It’s the same after running DDU / rebooting and reinstalling drivers. 70fps or so on all ultra. I thought for sure this card would dominate wow easily.

My CPU usage doesn’t go over 30% though, so I doubt it’s bottlenecked?

Edit: I just ran a bench against wow with msi afterburner and geforce monitoring. My usage on both gpu and gpu never went past 50-60%.

Cpu can still be the limiting factor and show low utilization especially on a high core count precessor.

It can peg a couple cores (it’s not terribly multi threaded optimized, like most mmos) and be at its limit and show low utilization.

For example my 8700k can be at around 25% utilization and yet I know it’s cpu capped. It will totally load up on one core and the rest will just be hanging out doing some minimal stuff.

If you aren’t already, run in DX12 which helps a bit

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TBF, MSI is the crappiest video card producer. They’re cheaper for a reason.

they can’t be that bad - maybe disable all-core OC - you probably get better results with normal speeds or just PBO - i think the 3600x can boost a bit higher with just wow on its own.

they’re literally the same cost as an EVGA or anything else at the initial launch ($800). I’m getting 70fps on a 3440x1440p setup on all ultra, everything maxed. If I upscale 200% which is like 6k res I get 50fps.

Not what I expected, but maybe it’s more demanding than I thought.

Is this on live or ptr? Is this with ray tracing on?

It’s on live, live doesn’t have RTX until shadowlands releases from what I’ve read. The options in the UI aren’t there yet.

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Well I can tell you MSAAX8 is a waste of resources. It taxes GPUs a lot for very little gain.

Are those FPS numbers just in town, or when out raiding/doing WQ’s etc.?

Low FPS can still happen like I said in populated areas and be CPU limited even if you are only showing 30-40% CPU usage.

MSAAX8 is like 2-3 fps on my system, not much at all. I just kept it.

You were right though, in town it is significantly lower, out in the world it hits 110-130fps. I was hoping to see 144+fps for my monitor though…oh well. If I lower the settings down to an 8 instead of 10 I can hit 145-150.

Yeah not gonna happen in densely populated areas, not the fault of the CPU or GPU.

lower MSAA to 4x max, running 8x is dumb and not worth the performance hit. My 5700xt went from being pegged at 100% in 1440p 75hz max everything to hovering in the 60/80% when moving it to 4x

The 3080 literally isn’t phased by MSAAX8, there is a 2-3 fps hit from none to 8x. Lol

Regardless, I had a 5700xt prior to getting my 3080, and the performance increase is huge regardless of not being able to do 144fps @ 3440x1440p at all ultra, all set to max. It’s still getting close…about 100-120 out in the world. 70-80 in densely populated towns.

I knocked it down to a setting of 8 and I can’t notice any visual difference and now hitting 144-150fps with msaax8, x16 anti, etc. I believe the only difference in the setting from 8-10 is the liquid detail from what I could tell.

Yeah populated areas just suck

Just curious - what kind of numbers were you seeing on the 5700xt (and on what setting)? I’d like to understand how much of an improvement you’re seeing. Thanks!