Moving the tooltip

So I am able to move the bag item tooltips and I believe what is the mouseover tooltip. But the new patch broke my tooltip that shows when you are looking at any of the interface panels like talents, vending, or heart forge etc. It shows the tooltip at my mouse which makes over half of it be off screen almost always. If I didn’t use blizzmove to just move every window to bring it down I would have no idea what was going on ever.

Is there any way that I can make the tooltip stop showing at the mouse and make it centered like the others ? I can’t find a frame name to use with move anything nor does Tiptac work and also anything to do with gametooltip does not work before anyoen responds with those answers.

I really could user some help here because I actually can’t see every tooltip because some windows I can’t move. Thanks a lot in advance for anything anyone can suggest.

You’ve got an addon anchoring your toolltips to your cursor, systematically disable them till you figure out which one it is.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try and post back with the results !

Edit: So it appears that having the tooltip at the mouse is the default for the game. I kind of thought so and thus my problem is one of my addons that normally would move it no longer is able to. Most likely it is MoveAnything as that is the only addon I have that would change them. I only tried tiptac after the issue s days ago. So there must have been some stealth change from blizzard messing up something that was perfectly fine to begin with. Anyways my point was not to criticize but to pleaed for an answer as to how to move it again.

By default it should be in the bottom right corner of the screen.
I thought there was a CVar to anchor it to the cursor but I’ve been unable to find it as of 8.2

If you turn off your addons is it in the corner or is it at the mouse ? Maybe even though I turned off my addons whicever one did change it changed it so it stays that way without the addon being active ?

Have you experimented with some of the various tooltip addons?

I have used move anything and tiptac so far but they both seem to not move the tooltip that I need moved. I think I am going to make a trial character without any addons and see where the default tooltip is placed for it. I think maybe whatever has gone wrong might have been changed due to an addon and even if I disable them the settings still remain.

Also I didn’t really see anything else that moves tooltips, a lot of addons that add or remove information. The one or two I did see look like they only move the player info tooltip to me, but I may try it anyways.

Have you found a fix for this? I’m having the same issue, very annoying.

EDIT: I found what was causing it for me. My OmniBar addon had a “Show Tooltips” option marked. After unchecking it and reloading, I’m still able to use the addon but with the tooltips fixed. Hope this helps!

Unfortunately I haven’t found the culprit yet. I have been playing around with somw different UI’s such as ElvUI , which made me disable a lot of my current addons and also seemed to fix the issue. The thing is that I wasn’t quite fond of them so I returned to my same old one and just moved things aroiund to look similar.

Back to the topic, It keeps fixing itself and at some point it breaks again and half of my tips are off the top edge of the screen. At first I thought (and it may still be) the fault of threat plates. I saw that others, specifically one person, said they had isolated the issue to possibly the aura settings within threat plates. But I haven’t been able to replicate the issue with turning it on/off yet.

Right now my tips are fine, but I am sure that soon they won’t be readable, most likely when I need to see the info the most. SO I will try and find some time to debug this issue further. If Blizzard didn’t have to make it so that I am spending more time completing dailies than I am sleeping I would have figured this out long ago.

I know I’m necroing this thread, but has anybody found a fix for this? As far as I can tell, my wife and I have the same addons installed, however, the issue doesn’t happen to her, but does happen to me. We even added my account to her computer and it happens there as well with the addon’s she has installed.