Moving the Digsite Progress bar and make it stick?

I’m trying to move the Digsite Progress bar a little higher with the following command:

/script ArcheologyDigsiteProgressBar:SetPoint("BOTTOM", 0, 250)

(being the original value “0, 187”) and the bar is indeed moved, but if I dig another piece or even do ALT+Z, the bar returns to its original position.

How can I make the change stick? I don’t want to use MoveAnything since it conflicts with some addons I use.

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Not much of a Macro specialist or Modder, so I used this with your code to move the bar each time…

/script ArcheologyDigsiteProgressBar:SetPoint(“BOTTOM”, 0, 270)
/cast Survey

If you find another more permanent way please update?

If you want to run it as a macro after doing your first dig to open the Archeology UI

/run local f = ArcheologyDigsiteProgressBar f.ignoreFramePositionManager = true f:SetPoint("BOTTOM", 0, 250) 

If you want it as a small addon that does this automatically then to create/download it, paste the following into the website:, give the addon a unique title and press Download

local f = CreateFrame("Frame")
f:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, ...)
	if ... == "Blizzard_ArchaeologyUI" then
		ArcheologyDigsiteProgressBar:SetPoint("BOTTOM", 0, 250)
		ArcheologyDigsiteProgressBar.ignoreFramePositionManager = true