[Movie] Paladin vs. Demon Hunter

This movie is inspired by the huge war between DHs and Paladins on the forums.

I just want to say that I consider myself a neutral observer with no skin in the game other than thinking that all paladins are bubble-hearthing cowards and that DH is the pinnacle of skill and the only class currently capable of unlocking a player’s true potential.

Other than that, I think I’m pretty fair-minded.


Nice … the DH part is real nuts.

Because the paladin has none?

Can confirm, check going up rope scene.

I am currently weighing the option on finally benching the Druid and going Prot Pally or VDH for SL. You sir have made my decision even tougher.

I think VDH is getting some serious nerfs if you go by the tears in the DH forum

The fact it gave me a headache is a testament to how well made it is

I see you too practice the French art of running away, parkour.

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The pally going up the rope thing had me giggling.