@Mouseover taking precedence over modifier

Hello, I am having an issue with some macro’s and I am not sure what I am missing or need to change. It seems that @mouseover conditionals are taking precedence over modifiers. I have the following:

#showtooltip /cast [nomod][@mouseover,harm] Hand of Reckoning;[mod:shift][@mouseover,help] Righteous Defense;[mod:ctrl] Arcane Torrent

The idea is hitting the macro will always cast Hand of Reckoning, using shift will always cast Righteous Defense (@mouseover, @target if friendly, or select player if neither), and using Control will always cast Arcane Torrent.

The problem is that when I am mousing over a friendly target, even with alt held, it wants to cast Righteous Defense. What is this lacking and if I am way off please shed light or provide resources for me to read up on.

[this, and this]
[this] [or this]
/cast [mod:ctrl] Arcane Torrent; [mod:shift,@mouseover,help,nodead] [mod:shift] Righteous Defense; [@mouseover,harm,nodead] [] Hand of Reckoning

If you want more examples


Wow, all this time not knowing that… Thank you so much. Spent a solid 30 minutes searching for resources and reading up on modifiers before posting and never came across this. Syntax seems to get skipped quite a bit at least on the top search engine hits. I appreciate you!

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