Mouseover macro for beta

Hey all,

Was wondering if there is any way to create mouseover macros for beta?

Currently i use standard Blizz frames and Clique addon, but clique is not available on beta.

So my question is there any way to make a mouseover macro while using standard blizz ui to take the place of clique? (i use a 12 button mmo mouse, can i mouseover macro my 1-12 keys to do different functions like i can with clique?)

Thanks in advance

Standard mouseover macros work on Beta. If you’re trying to click-cast (use mouse button interactions to cast) then you’ll need Clique/VuhDo or a similar addon.

Ok so for let’s say a disc priest, I’ll have to use vuhdo in beta if I want to be able to power word shield an ally with a click cast while keeping an enemy targeted?

Ya, unit frames eat mouse clicks so if you want to do any sort of click-casting it needs to be facilitated by an addon.

If you just want to do mouseover casting, the spell is cast via a keyboard key (even if you’re triggering that key via a mouse button like with an mmo mouse), then you don’t need an addon.

Awesome, thanks for the information!

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