Mouse Controls Gone

I had a few addons prior to the patch, but I never had any issues til these patches started and now with the level crunch and interfaces nerf, my mouse no longer works with any addons enable, except SexyMap addon! I cannot maneuvre or auto movement control using my G700 mouse if I do. Without them I cannot play very well being a disabled vet! Please correct the GPU support not covering GTX600 and below cards, and this mouse issues with I/O options screwed up!

I’m sorry, I do not know about the mouse issue, but they are working for supporting older hardware. It just may take some time.

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You don’t happen to have AtlasLoot do you? This was causing me to have mouse issues upon the launch of the prepatch but since disabling AtlasLoot core, it has fixed the issue for me.

Run /fstack in game to create an overlay of all frames rendered by your UI. You likely have a large invisible frame in the center of the screen intercepting clicks.

Atlasloot was the culprit for a number of people, but there could be other addons doing the same thing.

I did the /fstack and it was atlasloot.

Thank You for that info…I ditched AtlasLoot and everything is back to working correctly! I had even updated it the day of the patch!