Mount Up for the Outland Cup!

Mount Up for the Outland Cup!

Take to the skies of Outland with a new dragonriding racing event!

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Uhhh… Where are the other Netherwing Drake colors?

I thought the Outland Cup made perfect sense to add them back into the game.


Is the Riders of Azeroth tabard a reward from the Northrend Cup completionist achievement since it doesn’t seem to be available from the Riders vendor? I got the ruby one from the Outland completionist so I would assume that’s the next logical possibility

I would bet money they did all testing/time marks with normal dragon riding speeds and forgot they reduced it in Old World content.

Granted 100% shouldn’t be the case but the bar is low and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it be the case lol.

Really wished they would modernized the fog like in eastern kingdom and Kalimdor.

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I hope there is a Northrend Cup and Pandaria Cup in the future. :trophy:

Really disappointed to not see Netherwing Drake Colors added to this. One of the coolest Dragonriding mounts in the game, and there wasn’t anything added for them during the race that occurs in the sourced region. Where did the option colors go that were removed?! Add them back here!!!


I do agree with posters when they say this was an opportunity to give Netherwing Drake more colors. Having just two colors to choose from is silly. Three more colors added to the vendor would of have more participating players and motivation to do the mini game.


Nice transmog. Similar vibe to the Wastewander trading post set that recently came out but whatever.

Why is the feedback on Zaralek Caverns being ignored?


Don’t you worry, they ignore all feedback equally :blush:


Where are the Netherdrake colors T_T


It’s a shame, really. So sad


Where are the Yellow and Black Grotto Netherwing scales, hm?


That nasty little trick at the top of Tempest Keep got me good.

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these races are actually pretty hard, going through forests and barely clipping things.

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They decided to use them for twitter ads instead of in-game content

Oy where dem alt colors for netherdrakes. Black and green ones. Don’t tell us you forgot again.

When else would we get them besides outland cup? Freaking easter noble garden?


I’ll be real, not a big fan of all the blind rings hiding around 90 degree corners or behind hills. The rings directly behind little wooden spikes and branches are fairly annoying as well.


Fix the bug that doesn’t allow dragon riding unless you are level 60 or higher, please.

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