Mount poll clarification request

Dear blizzard, could we at least see a concept art for the mounts? My voting is not only based on theme but probably the skeleton/size of the mounts.

I voted ancient wanderer first because it will have either the gronling/yeti or infernal skeleton like - or

My second pick would be the slime cat, because the slime cat pet looks cool, the slime saber would def look great, its a saber cat skeleton so we all can know how decent it would look like at least.

The third pick would be nerubian, but considering the pet version is just a blood leech like, it would look dreadful in most races. If it would be a Nerubian like the bosses from the wotlk dungeons or raid, i`d be all in for voting that first pick like or'thir_the_Gatewatcher.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080922003650

The spelltome sounds interesting but in all honesty the base model will be either the mage disc or some fish mount, so that`s a big frown on me

The caterpillar is the lamest by far, skeleton model prob copying crocolisks/basilisks/krolusks or

So please, at least getting a small concept art preview we can vote better to what would really be a cool unique mount.

Gib us the small taste


Next there will be a poll thread about whether or not mount poll threads are getting out of hand.