Mount Equipment: Thoughts + Ideas

With the announcement of Mount Equipment in 8.2, which allows players to socket gear onto their mounts to provide QoL upgrades, what are people’s initial thoughts and reactions to it, and what can be added to it and/or improved?

Currently theirs 3 known Mount Equipment items, and are only usable on lvl 100+ characters:

  • Daze removal (Permanent Coarse Leather Barding basically)
  • Waterwalking (This is a hot button one)
  • Parachute upon dismount while airborne

Currently I’m excited for this feature, and the only improvement I wish to see for it is to enable the Equipment on characters of all levels, not just 100+, and/or maybe the ability to upgrade mounts to be able to equip 2 pieces, for a hefty cost of course.

I would also like to see what other options they would be willing to add, which I imagine we will see next week on the PTR, but my wish list atm is only:

  • Enables Flight on equipped ground mount.

Make them super hard to obtain, so theirs a sense of prestige for being able to fly on a turtle, and/or even make them tied to professions so for instance Engineers can make one compatiable with vehicle type mounts, or Leatherworkers make one for animal type mounts, and so on.

So now, what’s your thoughts on it?

EDIT: A Blue post had addressed the level requirements, you can enable Waterwalking at low levels, the Equipment system itself is unlocked once you get 1 Character to 100. My major concern has been addressed.

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If they enabled it on all mounts, not just 100 plus, and made the Water Strider come with a water one equipped I’d be happier.

They’re changing the entire mount system then short sightedly applying it to near max only.

Those who already own the Strider get the water walking one for free, and can buy more from the Anglers rep vendor for a low cost.

If they left the waterwalking on it and allowed for a slot anyways, we would be back to where we started.

Is there one for excessive chrome on my mechano-hog?


I disagree.

If it came with one it would stay as it is, but players would now have the ability to make any mount waterwalking. The fact that it would stay an ability item would mean that it would be limited in the new system by not being able to use new items without breaking it.

It would mean, however, that it would serve its initial function from the get go without an additional time or cost sink.

Adding the items to all levels just means anyone can make any mount water walking, not just high level players.

If the strider stayed dominant, it’s because people liked the mount. If it didn’t it’s because they liked water walking on other mounts.

To be clear I’m suggesting it comes equipped with an item already. Not with water walking and an item slot.

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I’d be down for that.

I want excessive chrome on my Treadblade and that new unicycle bike-mount thing.

Alternatively, they can treat it the same way they’re apparently treating the Sky Golem. Let it keep the unique ability, but get no benefit of the equipped slot.


It will come with the item already, you just have a choice to socket your freebie into it or not. Then after you can buy more for your other mounts if you so desire.

The only problem people have is that you can only be able to waterwalk if your over lvl 100 with the upcoming changes, which is something I hope they will change before release since that’s a bad call.

As far as I understand, you’ll get an item if you have the strider already.

T&E announced that if you have a Water Strider on 8.2’s launch, you will get a free [Inflatable Mount Shoots] item which lets all your mounts walk on water. In addition, if you head to the vendor where you bought a Water Strider, you’ll be able to buy more of this item for a greatly reduced price as an advantage for those who already have the Water Strider.

It’s a bit ambiguous about if you get one after.

However an update to that page indicates that you’ll be able to use equipment at level 20 once you’ve unlocked equipment at 110.

Better, but I still think that unlocking the mount at pandaria level should matter. It’s only a few levels, but still it’s the principle.

And what about my other toons? Do they all get one to add to their water walking mounts?

It’s mentioned to be be bind to account which implies it’s going to be character specific…

1 freebie item isn’t really making up for losing something that has been account wide and functioning fine for several years now.


I want these to be handled like heirlooms and put in a collectible tab so that they can be used at will.

Handling them any other way is just nonsense and it is hardly fair to make someone with 35 characters pay for 35 water walking items just to maintain status quo.


I’d like to be able to retire my Sky Golem and pick herbs on a different mount.
So, a piece of equipment that allows gathering on some other, less noisy mount would be lovely.
Maybe one for mining as well?

And perhaps a cosmetic slot for some visual effect. Riding around leaving a trail of rainbows behind me where ever I go sounds very appealing to me. :slight_smile:


I want to know if the druid travel form will be considered for the mount equipment.

I think flying mounts should be able to glide in no flying areas and hover across water given that they typically have wings.

This effect should be baseline based on mount type and not something that requires a rep grind with X faction to purchase hot swappable effects that require continually purchasing different things from different rep vendors.

I think, zig zagging, being a tank, or using a barding suffices for daze.

I think the whole thing is just a backhanded way to get players to farm reps that they may have skipped to get access to these items.

Also: gliders are 10X better than parachutes and are basically free with the WoD Garrison.

From what’s been said, it sounds like it’s a account wide equip, so you equip it to the mount in your book and all your characters are able to take advantage of the mounts perk.

A mount that lets me do combat in it and not get dismounted

A mount that lets me climb mountains

A mount that lets me glide when flight is unavailable

A mount that lets me create a rested area around it.

Paladins has a similar perk in Legion thru their Order Hall, it would be busted on melee in WPvP if it were for all classes.

We will be getting something close to that (Getting a parachute if dismounted while in the air) though a glider built into the mount would be cool.

That would be a fun thing for RP and rare farming, I’m down.

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Mining mount equipment pretty please!

There is no need to add an apostrophe to thoughts and ideas. You go through the trouble of putting in bullet points and making your post look nicely formatted but you can’t end the apostrophe abuse? It’s time to stop.

ON TOPIC. A backhoe attachment for my mammoth so I can dig up arch fragments without dismounting. :smiley:

Despite being released in the next patch I assume it’s intended to be expanded upon in future …err… expansions, but as it stands this new system is underwhelming.

I guess they’ll be more useful next expansion when we’re going to be grounded for another 12 months before those upon high deign as worthy of flight.