Mount equipment is the portal room all over again

Should we be taking bets that Blizzard is going to make getting dazed even higher then it is now? :joy:

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They don’t need to TOUCH the water strider to give you this functionality. Let the WS keep the passive water walk. It does not stop YOU from using the gear buff to make the crawg water walk.

Literally leave it alone.


yeah, it’s so much worse being able to choose which mount to use with waterwalking.

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So as a Blood DK I’ll just use the parachute because I got path of frost and mobs don’t daze tank specs.

They do if that want, moving forward, mounts to be limited to one special ability.
The alternative is to make the strider incapable of using the other buffs, but isn’t that more restricting than the current solution in testing?

Yes, I am. People that come to the game late and grind for a previous expansion’s content shouldn’t be shocked they they get to enjoy it for a lesser amount of time. Craaaazzzzyy maaaaaaaan!

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Customers have the right to complain when something is removed from their product. Craaaaaaaazzzyy maaaaaaan!!


I see it as a problem in the future as well. From my understanding, if you use an equipment slot, it puts that passive on all your mounts.

So, the next time there is a non-flying zone, if you want to walk on water and have the barding equipped, you can’t just switch to that mount, you have to stop and equip the shoes and then walk on water. This means you have to carry all of these items, which are consumed once you use them, in your bags.

I get they don’t want a mount to benefit from two items. However, like the portals, they did not consider the players who actually grinded the rep when they made the change. Giving us 1 pair of consumable shoes and telling us we can buy more is a terrible concession given the work that people put in for a mount that had a specific use.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but it SOUNDS like there is ONE slot for all mounts (with certain exceptions like the SkyGolem, but it’s ability is NOT coming in some slot equipment far as I can see). Put in WaterWalking, boom, all mounts can water walk. Need to not be dazed, boom put in the NoDaze equipment, destroying your water walking. Want that back, boom didn’t they say 1000 gold? Oh wait, they are craftable, so may 10,000 gold early on. Seems odd to have craftable gear also available at a vendor for cheap (which they kinda say will be).

Seem the right question to ask, where will the potions to water walk, not be dazed go?

This. I don’t understand what Blizzard doesn’t understand about this. We worked for the Water Striders. :confused:

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I am sure this will make many people happy given all the threads we’ve seen in the past from people complaining about grinding Angler rep to get the strider (which actually doesn’t take that long), so I’m not going to say they shouldn’t do it. I do find the “forced” to use water strider all the time amusing though. I usually dismount and switch to another ground mount once I’m back on land so it’s really a choice.

The only problems I have with this decision is it negates the efforts of people who decided the rep grind was worth doing to get water walking perk and it further homogenizes things. What’s the point of giving mounts special abilities if you’re just going to negate the ability later by giving them to every mount?

Jeremy said the 3 shown were “some” of the equipment for mounts. I wonder if we will we see equipment for everyone to be able to gather while mounted while on any mount or have a vendor, transmogrifier or the AH on every mount. It could be interesting.

… Ok reading some of these comments I’m confused about something:
Where have they said water striders are losing their water walking ability? Jeremy did not say that in the presentation.

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In the mean time, classes are still screwed up and not fun to play . So lets screw with trivial mount issues

What am I missing? What is being removed/screwed with?

You still get water walking while leveling.

There is no way they would put something negative in the presentation, so they had wowhead report it after the presentation.

sigh … ugh

Can never just give players something. Always must take something away and screw things up.

EDIT: Thank you btw :slight_smile:

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thats crap everybody is flying at 60 and no new player has the rep to get the mount in the first place

You know that commercial where the guy’s all “Free? Free free, free free free.” That’s Blizzard, except it’s “Remove? Remove remove, remove! Remove remove.”

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Because its dumb feedback. Theyre giving us the option to use any mounts as waterwalking mounts and youre complaining lol

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The only upside I can think of is now I can be locked into using my spider mount as a waterwalker and annoy ALL OF YOU PEOPLE.

Can we also please have it climb walls and walk upside down across ceilings like real spiders do? And carry passengers wrapped in cocoons in its mandibles? And also give us immunity to spider aggro. KTHXBAI.