Most polished zones to quest in

I recently recruited my wife to play Warcraft with me. Finally sucked her into the game with the Vulpera race.

We have been questing together but are finding zones boring a dull and just old.

What are the most polished most recently updated zones for 1-60?

The zones that were redone in Cata would be the ones you’re after. Southern Barens and Thousand Needles are 2 i can remember right now. But in reality until you get to Cata or Panda lands the quests aren’t overly polished or laps or in a long consistent story as they are now.

There aren’t any 1-60 zones outside of the Pandaran starting zone that aren’t at least near a decade old.

The Cataclysm revamp wasn’t even, of course. Some zones got more of an update than others. Some, like Arathi are just somewhat streamlined versions of the Vanilla zone.

When it comes to zones that got the heaviest overhaul in Cataclysm horde-side, you’re probably looking at Silverpine Forest, Hillsbrad Foothills, Stonetalon Mountains, Thousand Needles, Badlands, and Burning Steppes. Southern Barrens is a bit weird to me. It did get a near full re-vamp, but the story has some heavy callbacks to the old zone, so it might not resonate with a new player.

Silverpine and Hillsbrad got great story updates, but they also did a fair amount of experimenting there with tech and such, so there can sometimes be some buggyness to deal with.

Do keep in mind that while the old world (1-60) was revamped in Cata, that expansion came out in 2010, so even the revamped world is 10 years old at this point. With the release of Shadowlands (or the pre-patch), there will be a new leveling experience so you’ll be able to pick any expansion to level in from 1-50, then the new Shadowlands zones from 50-60.

There are a number of zones that got really good revamps and make their flow and story considerably better than what they were, but it’s a little slow on purpose because you don’t have all your abilities and it’s still learning time.

You may want to try mixing in some battlegrounds or dungeons, picking up archeology or pet battling, and just doing something different for a change of pace if you’re finding questing boring.