Most interesting alliance zones?

What are some of the best Alliance quest lines?
I heard ally is boring. I usually only played Horde since classic but since High Elf is now available (sort of) I want to get into Alliance more.

If you want one cohesive story, you can pretty much go from Teldrassil to Darkshore to Ashenvale to Felwood to Mount Hyjal and hit level 50 from that.

You just have to ignore the quests that would send you to Stonetalon Mountains from Ashenvale and head to Felwood instead, since you learn of the attack on Mount Hyjal during Darkshore questing, so all together it feels like one continuous story about scaling up the mountain.

Once you clear Felwood, you can pick up the quest to ride the green dragon up to Mount Hyjal directly from Moonglade.

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If you ignore the faction junk, BfA actually had really good zone stories for the Alliance. Drustvar is my favorite, and Tiragarde Sound is great, too. Stormsong Valley is good, but a little scattershot. The main story is pretty short and the rest of the zone is sidequests. I still liked it though.

If you’re a draenei fan, Shadowmoon Valley from WoD has a lot of interesting lore about their society on Draenor before they were BTFO by the Horde.

For me, that’s about it. I’m not a huge fan of the Cata revamp stories Alliance-side. The first three night elf zones tell a cohesive story, but it’s pretty depressing. The human leveling path is full of pop culture references. Dwarf zones are basically the same, just with some cosmetic difference. Draenei zones are literally the same from TBC. I would recommend the story in Gilneas for when you first make a worgen, but with the caveat that the last time I did it there were major phasing issues.

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Yeah I liked Gilneas. I like large scale battles and conquering stuff. On Horde I like Southern Barrens and Silverpine. So far I find a lot of the Alliance zones I tried (not that many) don’t have much direction. You tend to wander around doing odd jobs while Horde quests are like CONQUER AZSHARA.

Ferlas, Hellfire Peninsula, Borean Tundra, WPL’s Andorhol, Grizzly Hills, Duskwood, siding with the Aldor (that’s a bit of a stretch, but still), and I think that’s it. Those are the Alliance questing zones that really stand out for interesting-ness.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the levelling zones for either factions since… probably MoP, in terms of interesting story. Horde and Alliance share Legion zone stories so it’s not the same thing, but MoP, WoD, and BfA all have pretty great Alliance stories to level through.

It’s the overarching ‘meta’ story and the max level stuff where they tend to fall down in the last while. BfA, for instance, had some of the best writing Blizzard’s done, if you just go with the requirements for ‘The Pride of Kul Tiras’, and do the quests in the three Kul Tiras zones and then the quest chains associated with Jaina, and completely avoid any War Campaign stuff. Stormsong is the weakest of those three, and even then it’s mostly because of one particular chapter (which has to do with the War Campaign, technically). You can’t go wrong with some of the good old Wrath zones either, nor TBC, though I personally am probably biased due to nostalgia, especially with the latter.

Personal favourites are: Jade Forest, all of Kul Tiras, Shadowmoon Valley, Hellfire Peninsula, Nagrand(Outland), and Howling Fjord.