Morning/Daytime Guilds

Hello Draenor and Echo Isles!

I’m Clads and I’m a morning player and raider.

I have created a discord community that connects morning/daytime players with guilds as well as each other.

If you are a morning/daytime player and want to find a guild to raid, a community hangout, do mythic plus, and make friends then you are more than welcome to join.

If you are in a guild and wish to take part in the only WoW morning/daytime community add me on discord or bnet! Join the community and chat with me!

We run a World first race for morning/daytime guilds for Mythic raiding! We host streamers from all the guilds! And we can advertise your guild for future applicants!

Check out this video for more info!

Clads#1790 (bnet)
Clads#1211 (discord)

Hello Draenor and Echo Isles!

We are back. Having grown into a 600+ member community. Always look for Morning/daytime players and guilds to take part in the community. Come check us out if you are interested! Lots of fun things going on!


Ya, I’d be interested in some daytime activity. I am in a guild, but to be honest, this guild is dead with only a few people randomly logging on and we haven’t raided in a couple of years. I stay in the guild because it was a work group so I know the people personally… not to mention, the quick hearthstone is a powerful enticement to stay…
I’m playing this tune, shadow priest and I have a somewhat equally geared fire mage. I’m stuck at 200+/- ilvl and need to either rbg or buy a truckload to wow tokens to progress. I’ve added the discord. Look forward to playing.