Morning 25 man guild Recruiting

We are an AM 25 man raiding guild. We cleared all the raids on week 2. Are currently doing OS 3 Drake for the last 4 weeks. We are currently recruiting an Spriest, Prot Paladin, and a Warlock. We raid Fri/Monday 9am-Noon server time. Friendly guild full of people that know mechs but also understand life happens. Feel free to get ahold of me on discord Trollrcoastr#7460 with any questions.

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Making the push for some ulduar raiding

Tried to send you a message on Discord but didn’t go through. I am definitely interested in this guild.

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Ulduar January 19th we need some lock rocks


bumpit up, still looking for 4 dps to join our raid team. First week guild go up to yogg.

Up up and away!!!

Still recruiting dps for Ulduar :smiley:

Ever think about hosting your alt early morning guild runs in a GDKP? We could use more morning runs! 3k+ community of raiders!

Still recruiting dps and 1 healer.

still recruiting dps

still recruiting DPS

Recruiting all dps classes either talk to that troll guy or me bnet orangesliice#1979

Come on 1st and 3rd shift workers we are here for u. Have a coffee some breakfast and kill some internet dragons with us

Easter postest with the mostest