More than 1 layer? Are there 4+ layers?

Probably saw one person say it and get a few hearts so they hopped on the buzz phrase bandwagon

I did, hence this post. There appears to be at least 4 or 5 layers, not 2 per Blizzard.

We all know about the mass exploits that occurred when tons of layers existed… Mass Lotus farming via layer switching (which still works, I just confirmed).

That is a good idea, next time I log and see it, I will try, but it is hard to get a good screenshot since I have 7 really small game windows + 1 really large main one.

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Maybe a timestamp + coordinates for each screen, and a mosaic picture with the small windows. Definitely a tricky thing to do, but would be worthwhile to get a definite answer on it.

  • Go get Nova World Buff Addon.

  • Type in /nwb

Shows 3 layers on Faerlina, at the moment.

You’ve heard of WoW tokens?

There are two layers on every layered realm, that’s correct.


Thank you for confirming!

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I haven’t looked into how Nova World Buffs works, precisely, but it shows 3 layers on Faerlina.


It looks like layer ID can be found on an NPC in a main city (Org/SW).

Here’s the function, for reference:

function NWB:setCurrentLayerText()
	if (not NWB.isLayered) then
	local _, _, zone = NWB.dragonLib:GetPlayerZonePosition();
	local GUID = UnitGUID("target");
	local zoneID, npcID;
	if (GUID) then
		_, _, _, _, zoneID, npcID = strsplit("-", GUID);
	if (NWB.faction == "Horde" and (zone ~= 1454 or not UnitExists("target") or not npcID)) then
		NWBlayerFrame.fs2:SetText("|cFF9CD6DETarget any NPC in Orgrimmar to see your current layer.|r");
	if (NWB.faction == "Alliance" and (zone ~= 1453 or not UnitExists("target") or not npcID)) then
		NWBlayerFrame.fs2:SetText("|cFF9CD6DETarget any NPC in Stormwind to see your current layer.|r");
	local count = 0;
	for k, v in NWB:pairsByKeys( do
		count = count + 1;
		if (k == tonumber(zoneID)) then
			NWBlayerFrame.fs2:SetText("|cFF9CD6DEYour are currently on |cff00ff00[Layer " .. count .. "]|cFF9CD6DE.|r");
			NWB.lastKnownLayer = count;
			NWB.lastKnownLayerID = k;
	NWBlayerFrame.fs2:SetText("|cFF9CD6DECan't find current layer or no timers active for this layer.|r");

Bruh. Read the notes on the addon page itself. The addon dev straight up admits that they’re working out a bug currently due to the addon miscounting layers. Devs asked for new API after Blizz reimplemented layering & I watched the post get buried & ignored, so they’re still trying to figure things out.


I’ve found some bugs I’m still working on and testing fixes for with the new layer system so expect the data to be a bit unreliable atm, sometimes false layers show up that don’t exist is the main bug right now. Hopefully have a fixed version for this and some other stuff a bit later.

Yeah, this sort of makes sense.

I was trying to make a simple macro to get the layerID, but now I see that what the variable the addon dev is calling zoneID is is actually a unitID, returned from the UnitGUID API Function

It appears they may be using a mapping of unit IDs to determine layers, then iterating over that, which could result in bugs.

To note: that does not mean that 3 layers being being shown for Faerlina is innacurate.

He states it, tho.

In your quote.

Yeah, understood how it works. Part of why some of us were against layering is because we realized the bugs that can and do occur as a result. It’s really not as good as a “solution” as people think it is. That’s a huge reason why Blizz “didn’t want to do it”, but they can’t exactly come out and say that type of thing directly. It’s a kettle of fish.

However, what would be interesting, is if given OP’s post, is if that also indicates there’s still an existing bug on Blizz’s end in the layering system, esp after the layering patch they did. Because OP is suggesting Blizz’s code is operating similarly. So, two separate issues, but similar results. That would be somethin.

I do not believe that we were lied to about the intention of not bringing layers back.

There was no caveat stated that in the event of a global pandemic which resulted in an incredibly unusual and unpredictably massive spike in player population on some realms (or likely all realms, but felt most on the largest ones), that layering which provided the biggest win with the least risk, as a temporary solution to the massive queue times would be brought back.

It is not as though layering exists on all realms, so for those whose preference not to play on realms with layering is absolute, the option for them to do so is there.


Sure. I’m against layering. I’m not going to throw a fit though that it has been implemented to relieve the temporary queue times.

With regards to the layers, I was unable to confirm of the 3 layers showing for Faerlina, that one of them exists.

They are listed as Layer 1, Layer 2, and Layer 3. I was able to confirm Layer 3 and Layer 1, but nobody seemed to be on Layer 2. That seems to be inline with what the Addon developer has stated about miscounting layers.

I thought I had read something that suggest this would be the case, initially, in one of the blue posts that talked about bringing layering back temporarily to alleviate queue times. However, when I went back to look for the precise wording, I was unable to find it, and thought it may have been edited due to possibly changing.

I could just be misremembering :slight_smile:

I agree, Blizzard should apologize for not foreseeing COVID shuttering people inside their homes for weeks if not for months on end.


Ok. Well not happening on my end, either, so not sure of the relevance of this statement.

Pehaps they (Blizz, obviously) have Layers 1 & 3 open, w/2 deactivated? This isn’t something I’ve really been able to devote the time into looking into today, as I have alot of other things going on; just wanted to clear up the information, but I’ll keep an eye on this as I’m able.

It was in response to your comment about “some of us” being against layering. I am equally not sure of the relevance of that to the topic of this thread :slight_smile:

I had assumed that Layer 1, Layer 2, etc. are variable names set by the AddOn, but haven’t stepped through the code enough to familiarize myself with how precisely it works.

Mmk… Well I believe the word because predicates the relevance, hardly a “fit”, but moving on…

I was referring to Blizz’s layering code, as the Addon Dev already found the source of thier issue. I’m wondering if that isn’t contributing to the addon bug was my point. Again, will see what I can find later. I’m sure others are doing the same.

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Oh yeah? Perhaps you’d be so kind as to link to your source for this info, so others may benefit from your knowledge.

Oh, I see what you mean, “their” as in the Addon Dev’s. For some reason I read that as meaning Blizzard had an issue with “their” layering code.

Text isn’t always the best medium for communication! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh! I didn’t mean to imply that you were throwing a fit, if that’s how you took that! I simply meant that I hadn’t mentioned my own personal preference on layering, as I hadn’t thought it relevant to this thread!

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What is the plan to remove layering? Are there going to be free transfers available to the every realm that is being layered?

Short of forcing people to move off those overpopulated servers or just telling people to deal with queues I’m not sure what else Blizzard can do to fix the problem. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.