More than 1 layer? Are there 4+ layers?

So on Benediction-PVP I notice there are barely any people at Ironforge. Definitely not the 50% I would expect if there are two layers.

WoW feels as if it is a single player game now.

So I did an experiment. I had multiple people log in at once, and sure enough, I seemed to not see at least 3 groups of people when I should have seen at least some of them.

It would seem there are 4 if not more layers. Meaning Lotus farming via layer switch EXPLOITS is going to happen… AGAIN.

Anybody else notice the game feels single player now?


nope 10 char

I’m confused. It seems like you saw people but not as many as you expected but I’m not really sure because, to me, the wording is weird in that statement.

There’s also the fact that the chance of not one person logging on to your layer wasn’t 0% so you can’t really conclude there are more layers when not seeing anyone between the two layers was a possibility.

A better experiment would be to get a group of people to continually layer hop.

Since there are supposedly only two layers it wouldn’t take to long to find evidence of a 3rd or 4th layer.

I was using multiple accounts and none saw each other.

There should only be two. There are addons to track layers for world buffs.

I can confirm that on Bene we have two.

And Kaivax stated there’s only two, at least Temporarily TM, for whatever that’s worth.

Yeah, there’s definitely a noticeable reduction in the number of people visible. It’s a somewhat dead feeling compared to normal.


just wait for ony buff tomorrow , thats the real test


You inspired me, I rolled 8 druids a couple days ago!

This is how I could tell as they were all spread across various layers.

That’s the thing, on Benediction i noticed more than 2 because I JUST made 8 character multiboxer team and there seemed to be way more layers. I had to raid 8x level 6 characters just to merge them together into the same layer. Seemed like 4 or 5 layers.


i think you smoking too much puff puff.

You know how the layers work, so you know exactly how to find out yourself

Yeah, I had thought that there were only 2 layers for some reason, and was having a conversation about it with some guildies.

When I looked over the blue post to find a mention of how many layers there are, it doesn’t seem to say, so there may well be several.

Maybe it’s an anti-multiboxing feature. Log in on multiple characters, and they can’t see each other.

Thank you Blizzard. Thank you for taking action to reduce the queues during this nationwide problem.

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Go get 20 guildies
Go stand at Orgs equivalent to IF bridge

See how many guildies can not see eachother
DO NOT group yet

Now pair guildies who can not see eachother, and have them group then leave org (the groups) and return to the same spot.
And alternate who does the invites.
Guildie you see, then guildie you dont.

Now see how many groups of 2 guildies can not see the other groups of guildies.

You should wind up with basically 2 packs of grouped guildies
pack a can all see themselves but can not see pack B, and vica versa.

Now to put them all together, have one pack invite all the people they can see into 1 raid group.
Then start inviting all those from pack B
Zone out of org and back in
SHould now see 20 people.

That’s really interesting. If you can maybe try to screenshot or record it and post it over in the layers thread. I truly wouldn’t be surprised at all and am curious as to a blue response about it

… what is it with these constant whinges and hyperbole? org tonite was packed to the rafters.

What kind of fool would willing pay for 8 accounts? Gold selling companies I can see as it’s a business expense.

Rich or not its crazy. $128 bucks a month. To each his own I guess.

that’s off-topic

Probably saw one person say it and get a few hearts so they hopped on the buzz phrase bandwagon

I did, hence this post. There appears to be at least 4 or 5 layers, not 2 per Blizzard.

We all know about the mass exploits that occurred when tons of layers existed… Mass Lotus farming via layer switching (which still works, I just confirmed).

That is a good idea, next time I log and see it, I will try, but it is hard to get a good screenshot since I have 7 really small game windows + 1 really large main one.

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Maybe a timestamp + coordinates for each screen, and a mosaic picture with the small windows. Definitely a tricky thing to do, but would be worthwhile to get a definite answer on it.

  • Go get Nova World Buff Addon.

  • Type in /nwb

Shows 3 layers on Faerlina, at the moment.