More Flexibility with Essences


Best essences in PvP, I’ll continue to pass on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good changes overall. About time.

Brainstorming ideas.

  1. Make the 8.2 essences, also buyable or have multiple unlock routes from Nazjatar and/or random world drop in nazjatar or Shrine of the storm/ lfr

  2. Expand LFR essences to reward 1/3rd of the amount needed for r3 for each wing clear.

  3. Let it be dropped, alongside all tokens and remove the first unlock restriction on 8.2 essences for characters for multiple routes of obtaining.


Yep I too was screwed. I did all of my visions, weekly chest, raiding, corrupted zones, etc BEFORE they made this change. Meaning if I would have waited just 4 days I’d be over 1000 Echos richer than I am right now. I really don’t understand this “qualify for the new currency” thing. Just give us the currency and if we can’t spend it on anything, so be it.

Would be cool to not have to do arena for an essence. 300dps increase would be nice if not all well its 300 dps and I wont have to farm arenas. ty though

account wide essences that is what I want the essences I grinded on my main on all my alts so that I can use them and have more fun and more content to do you know what I don’t want is another currency to grind another currency that’s dog sludge holding me back from using my other alts. I WANT ACCOUNT WIDE ESSENCES NOT ANOTHER CURRANCY TO FARM

Because they were trying to avoid complaints from people like this: Obtaining Rank 3 Essences on Alts - #836 by Marla-westfall

Some people take it as a personal insult when they earn a currency and don’t have something they can spend it on, or in this case, something they want to spend it on. Blizzard was, rather foolishly in my opinion, trying to head that off at the pass by preventing the currency from dropping for toons that cannot buy anything with it.

Personally, I’d rather be earning a currency that is currently useless, and may remain useless, than have a currency I cannot earn at all until it turns out I need it, at which point I have to start the farm from scratch.