More Flexibility with Essences

Great change, thankyou for listening. However one thing, you mention this is a way for mains to purchase the offspec essences without having to go do the old content some more but that’s not really possible because I thought mains don’t earn any echoes? Unless you have an alt with a rank 3 that you main doesnt have which is pretty low chance.

Now to make the system really good for everyone (even mains) may I suggest something like the following: Let echoes drop on your main and add a new item to purchase from mother for lets say 1000~ or so echoes that removes the corruption from an item and lets you apply it to a different uncorrupted item. Corruption system would be way better with more flexability on your corruptions, it sucks when you got all your good/wanted corruptions in the same slot so you can’t wear them, or you get the corruption you want on some 420 blue instead of your 475 items. Let us rearrange our corruptions, this also gives this currency another use for mains and once you’re done with alts.

Thanks I appreciate this change

as I predicted. no way you guys would screw over people play pures

Thank you. I know dealing with criticism can be rough. But the fact that you’re willing to change is very appreciated. It’s not easy to admit goofs happen.

Should have been this way from the start, but glad you finally got there.

Stop while you’re behind.

Wow it is never enough for some people.

There isn’t a good reason for a significant source of player power right now that is completely going away in a few months is gated behind long and/or time-gated grinds.

It’s rather dismissive to imply that the specs that aren’t lumped into your “most specs” argument don’t matter, too. Someone shouldn’t be at a noticable disadvantage due to a poorly designed system not preferring their favorite spec with rate/method of acquisition.

The system has fulfilled its purpose. It doesn’t accomplish anything at the high-end while gatekeeping people that are just returning or skipped out on already outdated content for whatever reason. It’s actually pretty bad that 8.2 essences aren’t just lumped into the Echo system for everyone. I still can’t convince anyone to come back and play that I was playing with before, almost exclusively because essences. It’s why I unsubbed too, but the Echo system was just enough to bring me back since I had most of them Rank 3 or near it already across my characters.

Regardless, this is a very welcome change. I’m not sure why it took so long to get here when feedback was very clear from 8.2 PTR and Legiondaries already taught this exact same lesson.

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You’re halfway there, now just unlock essences with specific grinds like Blood of the Enemy and Conflict and Strife for those of us with no desire to grind BGs.


It is a good change that probably should have been in place to being with. It would have saved you days of people crying over it. But good to see you guys making the change.

Thank you for this change. This will help motivate me to finish earning more Rank 3s and re-learn my healing specs.

I agree with this. Some kind of catch up system would be nice, as was done for the Nazjatar and Mechagon essences. Like maybe increasing the drop rate, or having them drop in Ny’alotha too.

Can someone explain? I’m not sure i understand properly. So my main can buy an essence for his alt spec at no cost?
But what about my alt? I logged in to see no echoes currency on my currency tab and the essences on Mother, but no way to buy them.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a catchup mechanic for returning players. Earning some of these from scratch can take a long time, and this only helps if you have rank 3s already. Keep the currency, just make it more expensive if you don’t have a rank 3 already.


When a character has Rank 3 of any essence, all of your alts can purchase that same essence for Echoes. Originally, it had to be that specific essence, with exceptions for the reputation ones. So, before this change, you could not buy the Healing spec Eternal Palace essence (for example) just because one of your characters earned the DPS spec Eternal Palace one.

This change (should) mean that getting any Eternal Palace Rank 3 essence unlocks the ability for all of your characters to purchase all of the Eternal Palace ones.

You might need to log onto all of your characters with the applicable Rank 3’s again for this to kick in. Or it might not be live yet. Those are my best guesses.

Ok, that’s what I thought as well - I should be able to buy the essences (I’ve earned rank 3 on from main) on my alt without needing echoes. I’ve logged into my main, then my alts, brought them all into chamber as well but:

  • the currency line in the tab for echoes is gone
  • it shows the ‘buy’ cursor on echoes on MOTHER greyed out with no currency

I’m guessing the system isn’t live yet? I feel silly for rushing to grind 500 and already get a bunch on my other alts.

If I understand it correctly, you need to earn the echoes on your alt, to buy the essences on your alt (from Mother).

I mean, I did. I bought a few essences on my alt already (priest). Now every alt I log into doesn’t have ‘echoes of whatever’ show up as a currency, and the essences on MOTHER have no currency option to purchase with.

**EDIT: Must have been some bug. I had to restart and it shows the currency now. My bad.

Omg. You have guaranteed my sub until the end of BFA

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EDIT: Nevermind, looks like you fixed it.

My mistake. I was quick to jump the gun. A restart of wow fixed it!

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