More Flexibility with Essences

What more do you want? Maybe the option to buy any corruption just like on tournament servers?

Put vendor value back on azerite gear so we can vend it out instead of making a special trip to the discombobulator.

Well, now that you mention it…

I’d like to be able to get back a “corruption” token when cleansing gear that could be used to buy corruptions that could be applied to gear. It should take a very large amount of these tokens to buy a r3 corruption. They should be BoE. I would cleanse gear and sell them to people who care about that.

That is the only thing that would convince me to get my cloak.

Great change! Thanks!

Highly appreciated :smiley:

Good changes. Thank you!

A very nice and welcome change, removes the inequality for other, non-hybrid classes who had no access to unlock other specs’ Essences.

I have three humble suggestions to make this even better:

  • Could you make a way to allow Rank 2 Essences for alts for a lower price, as an option? It would be great for starter alts with low gear who can’t do fast currency farm. Also it would create a nice incentive to play with that character a lot more.

  • Could you increase the amount of currency we’re getting a bit more? It is reasonable now, but still, there are lots of Essences to unlock even at a certain alt. Just to compare, I could farm and get 2+ Legendary items in Legion with my alts when they were available at vendor. But 2-3 were enough back then and now it’s not, we need at least 4-5 to be unlocked to go do a proper Horrific Vision normal full clear. That’s why it would be a lot better if currency gain was a bit more boosted.

  • Could you make the currency Account-wide too on mains, only if those mains have nothing left to buy and their currency is needlessly piling up with their normal play? Like if they have unlocked all Rank 3+ Essences with all of their possible specs, then can they transfer the currency to alts? Would be fair imho, since most of the mains will be doing Masked Horrific Vision runs and certain endgame activities like Heroic+ Raiding, Mythic+15 for weekly and probably some Ranked PvP, they would have a huge amount of new currency piling up for them, that could be of use after they get all possible Essences beyond Rank 3.

I hope I could explain my suggestions also, again: Sincerely thanks a lot for listening and making these changes.

Another amazing change that eases things for players. Thank you!

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A lot of good changes lately that the fans wanted. These seem like concessions more than anything.

Shadowlands pre-orders/BfA MAUs must be abysmal.

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\Nah, with the quarantine the wow devs have nothing else to do but play their own game and they finally realized how awful it was lol


“Jesus, these guys were right!”

Me right now:

RIP, too bad said priest wasn’t able to farm Echoes until today. Woulda been nice if there wasn’t such a ridiculous requirement set for the new currency to drop.

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I wish Condensed Life-Force essence were easier to obtain.

But these are good changes! GG everyone.

At this point, you have to suffer like the rest of us non-pvpers who got someone to carry them through painful win until one side’s healer runs oom and hug the pillar 2s to get rank 3.

Solid change! Maybe we should put you in isolation lock down more often :stuck_out_tongue: I kid I kid

Good change, I’m not sure all of these were needed, but the eternal palace ones definitely were.

yeah unless I understood this wrong I still have to go back to EP to get the other 2 ranks I’m missing from there?

edit: yes you have to still get rank 3 from EP essences… rank 1 doesnt do anything.

I’m really enjoying this new system so far. Would it be possible to extend it to make it so you could buy rank 3 essences you haven’t unlocked for 10 or 20 times the cost? I really want blood of the enemy but i don’t pvp. Thank you for considering.

PSA: A reminder that you’ll probably want to make sure you do not purchase the last available R3 off Mother for a character, since that will (likely, not confirmed) cause Echoes to stop dropping again. If your main is suddenly getting Echoes because of the above, think about sitting on them rather than buying that new tank/heal essence, just in case an alt earns a R3 your main doesn’t yet have.

Since this currency system still has such a ridiculous qualification system to it, peeps need to game it as best as they can.


I wish this was out a year and a half ago. If y’all implement a system like essences in Shadowlands I hope you remember to add these kinds of mechanics for alts.

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