More Flexibility with Essences


Sub numbers must be friggin trash if Blizzard is having to reach into their “we care about what our players are asking for” bag yet again.

I’m not a 200 IQ business gnome, but maybe having a game director that can react to and accept player feedback without having to crater the game first might be a better path forward.

You guys really didn’t need to lose all our subs before you decided to address Azerite Essences.

How much money did you leave on the table for years because you didn’t want to admit that people wanted to play Classic?


I’m both surprised and glad about this change. Nice!

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Legitimately started tearing up as I read this. I am so emotional! I AM SO HAPPY!

I wrote in to you guys about this yesterday or the day before, being hopeful it would be considered but – this is just extremely kind and shows your true interest in your playerbase’s time and enjoyment of World of Warcraft. Thank you!!!

Till you put them on a vendor like Legion Legendaries, I don’t give a crap what you do. I’m done chasing down stuff for the expansion. Even stopped with the stupid cloak at lvl 10. Blizz gave up on this expansion already, so just unlock stuff and let people just have fun instead of a year long grind while you (hopefully) get Shadowlands to be good.


As for the update: A great addition that I hadn’t considered. Thanks for going all in now that the system is in place.

Anyone know how long it will take to grind 500 of these new essence thingys?

They will.

But it’ll be 6-9 months late, and in the most obtuse and gameplay-metric-pumping manner possible, and only after the community spends months and months asking for it, and half of them unsub.

still another boring grind plopped onto other boring grinds.


This post just goes to show a player like me that you guys still do not understand how to please your player base anymore. I want to play the game so bad but you keep on implementing systems that make me feel like I do not want to play.

I do not want to have to grind out rep or quests or whatever just to have some crappy essences to increase my playstyle as such that should already be a part of the game. You guys are really letting me down.

I was so excited to hear you guys were finally making it easier to obtain essences on alts but this is just trash. You guys suck. You have no idea how to make this game good anymore. With each and every change you make, you just make me want to play the game I used to be addicted to less and less. It’s extremely depressing.

Good job coming to yalls senses…I’ve already been refunded for Shadowlands though after seeing yalls original thought process and believe I will wait until very shortly before the release of it to decide whether to buy it or not.:raising_hand_man:

more flexibility eh? how about some flexibility on raid essences too?

you punished players who left on 8.2 or didnt play 8.2 and they have to be dealing with a raid that’s obsolete at this point except for 1-2 bosses.

The general goal here is that doing Assaults and associated Horrific Visions should provide enough to get at least one Rank 3 Essence of your choice per week. Doing other content you like (PvP, dungeons, or raids) will increase that significantly, depending on the level of content you’re doing. Of course, Essences can still be earned normally via their associated activities, so if you want to get your Essence of the Focusing Iris directly via Mythic Keystone dungeons and then buy others from MOTHER, that’s now an option. Within a couple of weeks of hitting max-level on your alt, you should be able to obtain your preferred Essences by playing the game as you usually would.

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All this should have been done from day 1 of essences. For me it’s too little too late.

Just curious are you going to keep on the path with leveling artifacts/legendaries, obtaining corruptions/essences or similar in Shadowlands? If so please stop. Go back to set armor and STAY THERE. No point with the other grind fluff. It adds nothing to the game.


Best essences in PvP, I’ll continue to pass on them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good changes overall. About time.

Brainstorming ideas.

  1. Make the 8.2 essences, also buyable or have multiple unlock routes from Nazjatar and/or random world drop in nazjatar or Shrine of the storm/ lfr

  2. Expand LFR essences to reward 1/3rd of the amount needed for r3 for each wing clear.

  3. Let it be dropped, alongside all tokens and remove the first unlock restriction on 8.2 essences for characters for multiple routes of obtaining.


Yep I too was screwed. I did all of my visions, weekly chest, raiding, corrupted zones, etc BEFORE they made this change. Meaning if I would have waited just 4 days I’d be over 1000 Echos richer than I am right now. I really don’t understand this “qualify for the new currency” thing. Just give us the currency and if we can’t spend it on anything, so be it.

Would be cool to not have to do arena for an essence. 300dps increase would be nice if not all well its 300 dps and I wont have to farm arenas. ty though

account wide essences that is what I want the essences I grinded on my main on all my alts so that I can use them and have more fun and more content to do you know what I don’t want is another currency to grind another currency that’s dog sludge holding me back from using my other alts. I WANT ACCOUNT WIDE ESSENCES NOT ANOTHER CURRANCY TO FARM

Because they were trying to avoid complaints from people like this: Obtaining Rank 3 Essences on Alts - #836 by Marla-westfall

Some people take it as a personal insult when they earn a currency and don’t have something they can spend it on, or in this case, something they want to spend it on. Blizzard was, rather foolishly in my opinion, trying to head that off at the pass by preventing the currency from dropping for toons that cannot buy anything with it.

Personally, I’d rather be earning a currency that is currently useless, and may remain useless, than have a currency I cannot earn at all until it turns out I need it, at which point I have to start the farm from scratch.