More eye color options for death knights please

Currently death knight eyes override ALL racial eyes except the night warrior eye customization that night elves can unlock. The glowing blue eyes are cool and they were meant to emulate the eyes of Arthas as the lich king. However we’ve seen death night npcs with “normal” eyes aka non glowing. We’ve also seen them with red eyes. I’d also like to suggest green eyes as an option. So 2 more options to represent unholy and blood spec green and red and maybe the option to use racial eyes or at least a dull/non glowing eye option that undead have.

I love being a death knight but I don’t really vibe with frost spec that much and would much prefer red eyes to convey my preferred blood spec. Death knights have less customization than every other race because while they do gain 2 or 3 skin tones for non allied races they lose access to all the new eye options. I get the eye glow is kind of a signature thing but I would still love the option. Would allow some diversity among death knights and for death knights to not feel LESS than other races.


No need to change.


Different colours, and also just options that don’t have the smoky effect would be nice. I remember once my death knight’s eyes were glitching and I could see them without it and he just had these blank, dead looking blue eyes. It looked awesome. Or that one option that the forsaken have, with the blank grey. I’d love that as a death knight option too.

Being that you have chosen an eye colour option only recently added for blood elves your opinion here feels more than a little silly.


Yeah I wish I could have green unholy eyes for my unholy DK


Death Knights are not a race, they are a class.

The fact that you have access to unique ‘death knight’ customizations for your chosen race, unlike every other class, is the extra customization and diversity.


So? DHs have eye customization in the form of burning eyes, blindfolds of different types that cover the eyes completely and blindfolds of different types that show the glow of the eyes.

DKs already have non-flaming eyes on some NPCs and red eyes on other NPCs. It’s not lore breaking.


Except they don’t get any options for eyes, DK specific or otherwise. Which makes their options feel fewer. And the special DK options are just three faces and three skin colours. Those three faces being exclusive to those skin colours. So if you want to use those special options your customisation is actually greatly reduced.


I wantz lazer eyz…i can haz yez?

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I think you are missing my point.

You are not ‘stuck’ with looking like every other dwarf out there. As a Dwarf Death Knight, you get a different, unique, themed look.

The race customizations are the baseline, these class customizations are exclusive.

It is like the difference between generic clothing line (ie walmart’s george) and a designer clothing line (ie donna karen). The generic will give you more options but the brand will give you unique, better fitting options.


Need more derrière thickness options for DK’s imo.


Except in the case of eyes there’s no customisation at all.


What class customizations? You mean the ones they gave to everyone now? Because the only customization that DKs have solely to themselves are the couple of skin tones.

And really, why does that matter? Look at DH options compared to DK. Why be against options that already exist for NPCs?


You’re literally a blue eye’d blood elf o.o


I would never deny others more customisation options but I did always like that all DK’s had the same eyes, it gives them a creepy ‘one of us’ uniformity vibe like all the undead in the Wrath cinematic.

Always knew if a DK was looking it me it’d be with those wispy eyes

I would certainly be for Death Knights getting red, green and even purple as eye color options to help reflect the spec they’re playing.


I’d love to see Death Knights get along with the Arthas blue, Green for Unholy, Red for Blood, Purple for Shadows and Ember colored for Bolvar, his crispiness.


A few extra shades of blue and green would be nice, as well as some options similar to what elves have now where the eyes themselves glow instead of having glowey orbs floating in front of them.

We don’t have glowy orbs anymore. The blue flame eyes were created using the new eye glow technology.

Huh … I must have noticed that at some point, but I guess it was the other way for so long that that’s still what I see when I picture my DK in my head. Some extra shades of blue, teal, and green would still be nice though, plus maybe an option to turn off the flame graphics for those who want to.

This is desperately what I want. I really dislike the flames and don’t want to be an Arthas clone. lol