More Entropic Embrace skins

Its not just about npcs. I’m talking specifically from a lore and customization stand point. To much high elf could oversaturate the void elves. Especially since, offically, the void elves are suppose to be just void elves. They aren’t really sharing a spot like the dwarves are. Just some rp tools have been added for the helf fans. (Which is great)

I haven’t seen any of that?

I’m just debating you. If someone else has insinuated that I haven’t seen that and I apologize.

You’re a nice guy.

True, but just because it’s the solution they’ve gone with doesn’t mean I have to like it or can’t voice my concerns.

Also the Dwarves and the Night Elves are a special circumstance because, In Lore, the wildhammer and the highborne have been incorporated into the race as a whole.

If blizzard ever officially brings high elves in to the void elf race (I guess they would just have the name the race “elf”), then I would have much less issue.

No it wasn’t you. It was someone else on this thread, but yea you’re fine. I think we’ve pretty much reached understanding between the two of us, yea?

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You do have a point there

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You aren’t arguing that night elves are over saturating void elves? Or that dwarves are over saturating gnomes?

You know why? Because races exist congruently in the game, and it has zero impact on how they move the story forward for the others.

The Alliance high elves are still there, they didn’t disappear, and now we can play as them.

I’m talking about the blue post

Please find me in that post, any mentions of high elf customization.

“Additionally, Blood Elves will have the option to choose from a variety of new skin colors and Void Elves will inherit the skin color options that are available to Blood Elves. Here’s a glimpse of the potential characters that you can create with some of the new options.”

Please explain why wishing to play a traditionally ‘pretty’, Alliance Elf untainted by Fel or Void in role-playing game is a ‘weird elf-fetish’.

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Yes, but then again, no one is really requesting to change the racials, or focus more resources on altering the race to accommodate those additional customizations either.

  1. This is just a community update post, you cannot actually use that as ammunition to argue any point.
  2. If you choose to, where did they refer to blue eyes as a blood elf thing? They didn’t! Because it’s long been understood it is a high elf thing. If you don’t get that, I can’t help you.

Of course you can. But I can also try and persuade you.

I don’t think it’s happening. At least not soon.

It’s a compromise. But it’s nebulous. I think that ultimately this low level stuff will continue, at least for awhile.

It’ll die down some when it actually happens and people realize it’s not the end of the world.

It would be nice if Blizzard would come out and have Alleria and Vereesa team up. But, I think ultimately they’ll settle with letting the internet simmer for awhile.


That really is a strawman. Of course not, Night Elves and Dwarves are their own race.

But the high elf/Void elf thing isn’t the same thing. Rp a high elf all you want. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have an opinion that I would like void elves to remain void elves when it comes to further development

Agree, because right now, the brilliant purple of combat looks just bizarre with most mogs. Or a glyph to change the visual effect to near black… black goes with everything


They are still remaining void elves. Players able to play as a high elf as a part of the void elves does not suddenly make Magister Umbric primarily a high elf, he’s still a void elf.

If you’re saying they are the same race, which it sounds like you are! Then exactly… Playable high elves are now available under the void elves.

Because they don’t have to.

Dwarves have shamans already (ironically because of Wildhammer Dwarves most likely.)

The only great argument for playing a forest troll is having the beefy forest troll model. Which is pretty dope and people should request.

But, once again, if Dwarves didn’t have shamans then Wildhammer Dwarves players would ask for it…

and honestly, I think they should ask for different totems through a glyph.

I don’t play Dwarves. But if I was playing a wildhammer Dwarf I’d like to play a Wildhammer Dwarf.

They are asking for differences already, take for example:

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Exactly, and they should have them, because it only further adds to the game.

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I stand corrected.

Oh wow. He made the same argument I just did.

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They didn’t. All they said was blood elves and void elves were getting blue eyes and that void elves were inheriting blood elf skintones. There is still 0 mention of anything high elf related and you are just making an assumption. “Because its long been understood that it is a high elf thing.” is a somewhat flimsy argument.

They could be getting blue eyes for some reason completely unrelated that happens in shadowlands that we aren’t aware of yet, much like how night elves have to do the unlock the night warrior eyes scenario.

Please don’t stop. I enjoy our talk and I think I’ve made some points, but I will fully admit that I’m more middle ground than anything after we’ve kind of hashed out both sides.

I really don’t mind the new customization options, and I am open to further high elf stuff as long as the void elf stuff isn’t completely overshadowed or or written out in order to do so.

In order to bring it back around. My example with the ve paladins. If they included some kind of void spec, or had some lore that the void elf race also included non tainted high elves.

I’d be completely fine with it. Right now, it feels like giving a class to a race that doesn’t make sense in order to fulfill someone else’s head canon about playing another race. Does that make sense.

(I do apologize for all the typos. I’m gaming and typing on here at the same time and have mild dyslexia. It’s an issue)